#kinetictypography with ThreeJS

#kinetictypography with ThreeJS

Hallo Leute! Today we will do some interesting stuff with ThreeJS and typography — we will make Kinetic Typography.

Hallo Leute! Today we will do some interesting stuff with ThreeJS and typography — we will make Kinetic Typography.

There are plenty of cool shots over the internet tagged as #kinetictypography. Here are some of them ↘

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To be more specific and make this article shorter we will use only one method — *a text texture on a mesh. *A simple, but wide in its functionality method.

Also, before we start I recommend this article. It’s about the same topic but with a different approach ↘

Kinetic Typography with Three.js | Codrops

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Set up Environment


We will use ThreeJS + React. So, first, create your app using create-react-app. Open a folder where you want to have your new project, then ↘

npx create-react-app my-app

Then drop the project folder into your IDE app. I'm using VS Code.


Create React apps with no build configuration. Create React App works on macOS, Windows, and Linux. If something…


Three JS

Then install Three JS ↘

npm i three

Now we are ready to go.

typography 3d react threejs kinetic

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