Big Data Engineers: Myths vs. Realities

Big Data Engineers: Myths vs. Realities

In this tutorial, we'll let's understand a typical day in the life of Big Data engineers and debunk some of these myths and misconceptions revolving around the lives and work. Let's explore it with us now.

The data present with the organisations is increasing with every passing minute. This data is in varied formats, sizes, and types, and is thus extremely difficult to study, let alone analyse efficiently. To help with that, there are Big Data Engineers! These are the people who are responsible for converting the useless Big Data into useful Big Data which can then be further studied and analysed by data scientists.

Big Data Engineers can be rightly called as a mix between data scientist and an engineer. Any organisation dealing with big data by default needs a Big Data Engineer.

Typically, the role of a Big Data Engineer requires them performing one (or more) of the following skills :Data Analysis

Data Warehousing

Data Collection

Data Transformation and Cleaning

big data data myth busters skill sets

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