Are You Happy with Flutter? -  Q4 2020 User Survey Results

Are You Happy with Flutter? -  Q4 2020 User Survey Results

The Flutter team at Google has been running a quarterly survey program to collect your feedback since 2018. The survey for the last…

The Flutter team at Google has been running a quarterly survey program to collect your feedback since 2018. The survey for the last quarter launched on November 23, 2020 and remained open for 8 days. The team collected 8,285 responses, and we want to share the results with you! Even though this survey was half the length of our usual surveys, we learned a lot from your answers, as always. We truly appreciate those of you who took the time to provide valuable feedback.

User satisfaction

Overall, 92% of respondents were somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with Flutter. We’re glad that we continue to maintain a high level of satisfaction.

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92% of the users were satisfied with Flutter, and 51% were very satisfied.

As you can see from the graph, we learned the following as well:

  • 91% said that Flutter works well for their projects.
  • 90% are committed and want to use Flutter for their next project.
  • 58% said that Flutter is critical to their company’s success.

These results show that Flutter continues to flourish and is a vital part of the developer toolkit.

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90% of users would prefer to use Flutter for their next project.

But, we noticed that the overall satisfaction decreased a bit since last quarter’s survey, from 94% to 92%. To understand why you aren’t completely satisfied with various aspects of Flutter, the team closely reviewed the open-ended comments. Thanks to the feedback, the team is aware of major issues and will invest in high priority items. For instance, we are planning to improve code completion because we found that it was the most common source of frustration among IDE-related issues.

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