Python to C++, A Data Scientist’s Journey to Learning a New Language — Functions

Python to C++, A Data Scientist’s Journey to Learning a New Language — Functions

Article 5 in The Python to C++ Series — all about functions


Welcome back, brave readers, to the next installment in the Python to C++ Series. In the last installment we learned about conditions, conditional statements, and used all our newfound knowledge to build up a simple calculator from scratch in both Python and C++. In this installation we will be taking a leap into a more advance topic as we learn the ins and outs of functions and function creation in our programming languages of interest. The raw code we will be using throughout this article can be found:



A Function’s Function

Those of you approaching this series with previous experience in Python (or even C++) may already be familiar with the function, making you privy to its importance in any major programming project. Often times as programmers we will find ourselves needing to repeat the same processes over and over again; rewriting the same code repeatedly throughout the program quickly becomes a monotonous time and space waster. A function allows us to build a block of code that can be called to run at any point and as many times as needed within our program.

Let’s take a look at an example by creating a simple output function that prints out “Hello readers” whenever it is called.

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