Continuations as collections

Continuations as collections

Creating a collection library for continuations

Creating a collection library for continuations

Last week I published an article on  continuations in TypeScript. In that article, I mentioned that continuations (unlike promises) act like collections of values that start existing over time. In this article I want to explore this further and see how much your traditional array has in common with continuations.

The big limiting factor when implementing a collection library for continuations is that we don’t know the values the continuation is going to output or even how many. As a result of this not all of the methods that are widely accepted to be standard collection operators can be implemented for continuations. However, the asynchronous nature of continuations also allows for new unique and interesting methods to be defined.

Quick recap

A continuation is an abstraction of something that produces values over time. In essence, it is nothing more than ‘a thing’ that you give a callback and it will call that callback whenever it some value. This means that a continuation is pretty similar to a promise, with the main exception being that a promise always only produces one value whereas a continuation can produce many values.

const keyboard = () => create_cont<Event>(cb => {
  document.addEventListener('keypress', cb)

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