Build Crud App with Laravel and Vue.js

Build Crud App with Laravel and Vue.js

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) are the basic data operations and one of the first things you learn as a Laravel developer.

In this Laravel Vue.js Crud Example, You will learn how to implement Laravel Vue.js crud (create, read, update, and delete) spa (Single Page Application) with Vue.js, Vue Router, and Laravel Framework.

In today's, the most popular JS frameworks are Angular JS and Vue JS. Angular JS and Vue JS are very user-friendly JS frameworks and most popular. It provides to manage the whole project or application without refresh page and powerful jquery validation.

Vue comes pre-packaged with Laravel (along with Laravel Mix, an excellent build tool based on webpack) and allows developers to start building complex single-page applications without worrying about transpilers, code packaging, source maps, or any other 'dirty' aspects of modern frontend development.

Laravel Vue JS CRUD Application (SPA) Example:

  1. Install Laravel Project
  2. Configure Database Details
  3. Install NPM Dependencies
  4. Create Migration, Model, and Controller
  5. Define Routes In web.php
  6. Create a Vue App
  7. Create Component For Vue App
  8. Define Route For Crud App in Vue Router
  9. Include Vue.js Dependencies to app.js
  10. Update webpack.mix.js
  11. Run Development Server

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