11 steps to building an Intelligent English Thesaurus using Python

11 steps to building an Intelligent English Thesaurus using Python

In this tutorial, i'll share you 11 steps to building an Intelligent English Thesaurus using Python

In this tutorial, i'll share you 11 steps to building an Intelligent English Thesaurus using Python

Step 1 : Procure Data

The JSON file containing the English words and their meanings can be found here.

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Snapshot of our JSON data file : data.json

Step 2 : Loading the JSON Library

To work with JSON files, we need to import the corresponding library in our program:

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We are ready to work with JSON files

Step 3 : Loading JSON Data

First, we need to open the JSON file in read mode:

fh = open("data.json", mode = "r")  # fh is the file handler 

Next, we link the file handler to load our data from file:

data = json.load(fh)

It would be wise to understand the organization of data present in our JSON file. This will guide our coding process. To do this, we can use the type( ) function:

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Our file is a dictionary

Having looked at a snapshot and determined the type of the file, we can draw the following conclusions : we have a dictionary with key-value pairs; words are keys represented as string; meaning(s) are values represented as list. We are dealing with a considerably large data set as can be seen from the total number of words present in file:

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Close to 50,000 words and their meaning(s) can be found through our application

Step 4 : Testing for a single word

It is always a good practice to start small and slowly scale things up:

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The word ‘rain’ has two meanings, as can be seen from the list printed out

Step 5 : Function to return definition of word passed as argument

We build a function called return_meaning( ) piece-by-piece, which will deal with all possible scenarios of looking up a thesaurus. The user enters a word whose meaning(s) is to be found. This word is passed as an argument to our function. Assuming valid input, correct definition(s) is returned and printed out:

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User input ‘compute’ is passed to return_meaning( ). The definition is returned and printed out

Step 6 : Taking into account invalid words

Expect bogus words to come up time and again. In such scenarios, the user needs to be notified of the same and the application should terminate gracefully. The function return_meaning( ) developed thus far is incapable of dealing with incorrect inputs. We add an else part to make it robust:

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‘ababababa’ is a bogus word which does not exist in our thesaurus


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