Why does JavaScript use 'continue' instead of the much more logical 'next' for skipping to the next loop iteration?


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What if it’s the last iteration?

The word “continue” fits either way. “Continue to the next iteration or continue to the rest of the script.”

The word “next,” on the other hand, only fits when there are more iterations to be executed. If there are no iterations, would “next” throw an exception because the script can’t continue into the next iteration?

I would support “next” only under those conditions:

  1. It throws an exception when there are no further iterations.
  2. I can still use “continue” when I don’t want that behavior.

And, for the record, I really don’t see much use for “next.” I’m really just saying to leave “continue” alone while still respecting your right to want to over-complicate things.

Lowa Alice

Lowa Alice


JavaScript Loops Tutorial

JavaScript loops made simple.

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Coy  Roberts

Coy Roberts


Javascript ES6 Iterators: Complete Guide on Iterables and Iterators

Javascript iterators is a new concept of ES6 in which it processes each of the items in the collection, which is a pervasive operation. Iterators are a new way to _loop _over any collection in JavaScript.

They were introduced in ES6 and have become popular since they are widely JavaScript provides several ways of iterating over the collection, from simple for loops to map() and filter() Iterators and  Generators bring the concept of iteration directly into the core language and provide a mechanism for customizing the behavior of loops.

Iterators in Javascript

An iterator is a new concept of ES6. An Iterator is an object that lets us iterate through an Array, an Object, a String, or even custom Objects.

The Iterator allows us to effectively loop over a collection of objects like an arraystringobjects, or other data structures.

The most common Iterator in Javascript is the Array iterator, which returns each value in the associated array in sequence.

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CSS Boss

CSS Boss


How to create a calculator using javascript - Pure JS tutorials |Web Tutorials

In this video I will tell you How to create a calculator using javascript very easily.

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Steve Griffith

Steve Griffith


Iterable vs Enumerable in JavaScript


What is the difference between iterable and enumerable and how does this affect things like for loops, for…in loops, and for…of loops?

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