GitHub India: Celebrating A Community Connected By Code

GitHub India: Celebrating A Community Connected By Code

GitHub India: Celebrating a community connected by code. GitHub Satellite to India and introduce new programs to empower India’s rich community of developers. India is uniquely positioned to continue to drive innovation that accelerates human progress; and we at GitHub in India are humbled to serve and celebrate this 'Community Connected by Code'!

A year ago, we were celebrating the launch of  GitHub India to serve the third largest developer community on GitHub. Today, I am thrilled to welcome  GitHub Satellite to India and introduce new programs to empower India’s rich community of developers, startups and students. We will also celebrate the achievements of India’s thriving developer community over the past year.

Open source powers India’s innovation

India has become an innovation powerhouse, with open source software development at the core. The growth in activity and engagement shows how powerful and invested India’s software development has become. Indian developers are truly building the future of software! Over the past year, we have seen over 1.8 million developers join GitHub in India, with the community now totaling 5.8 million developers, and growing.

*Over the past year

The number of contributions on the platform, such as issues and team discussions increased by 75 percent in India compared to about 40 percent for the rest of the world over the past year. In public repos, the number of contributors increased by 80 percent over the previous year. In fact, over 1 million developers created their first repository on GitHub in India, making it the fastest growing country in the world, in terms of developers contributing to open source. So it is no shock that we are predicting that more than 10 million developers from India will call GitHub home by 2023. It is so exciting to think about what all of these new developers will create!

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