Everything you need to know about TensorFlow

Everything you need to know about TensorFlow

In this TensorFlow full course tutorial for Beginners will help you learn about Deep Learning with TensorFlow in detail, understand the basics of Deep Learning, how to install TensorFlow 2.0 on Ubuntu, how to use TensorFlow in Python, how to use TensorFlow object detection API to detect objects in images as well as videos

This video on TensorFlow full course tutorial for Beginners will help you learn about Deep Learning with TensorFlow in detail. You will understand the basics of Deep Learning and learn the various applications in Deep Learning. You will get an idea about how to install TensorFlow on Ubuntu, followed by what is TensorFlow, and TensorFlow tutorial. You will use TensorFlow object detection API to detect objects in images as well as videos. Finally, you will perform a demo using TensorFlow in Python. Now, let's dive into learning TensorFlow.

The below topics are covered in this AWS full course tutorial: Here are the topics covered with the timelines:

  1. Animated Video 01:04
  2. Deep Learning Applications 06:45
  3. Healthcare 07:27
  4. Entertainment 10:15
  5. Composing music 11:51
  6. Image coloring 12:51
  7. Robotics 13:30
  8. Image Captioning 15:42
  9. Advertising 16:18
  10. Earthquake prediction 17:45
  11. Deep Learning Frameworks 18:27
  12. TensorFlow 19:42
  13. Keras 21:09
  14. PyTorch 23:15
  15. Theano 24:45
  16. DL4J 26:09
  17. Caffe 28:06
  18. Chainer 29:45
  19. Microsoft CNTK 32:03
  20. Installing TensorFlow on Ubuntu 34:27
  21. Deep Learning in Python 1:02:15
  22. What is Deep Learning 01:03:58
  23. Biological Neuron vs Artificial Neuron 01:04:46
  24. What is Neural Network 01:06:13
  25. How do Neural networks work 01:18:07
  26. Deep Learning Platforms 01:26:52
  27. Introduction to TensorFlow 01:28:01
  28. Why TensorFlow 01:58:16
  29. What is TensorFlow 02:00:28
  30. What is Data Flow Graph 02:04:22
  31. TensorFlow Program Basics 02:13:55
  32. Use Case Implementation using TensorFlow 02:45:25
  33. Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy 03:04:58
  34. Linear Regression using TensorFlow 03:06:04
  35. Introduction Recurrent Neural Networks 03:21:37
  36. How does a Recurrent Neural Networks look like 03:23:10
  37. Types of RNN 03:25:55
  38. Use Case Implementation of RNN 03:28:04
  39. TensorFlow Object Detection API Tutorial 03:46:07
  40. Libraries Required 03:56:55
  41. COCO Dataset 03:57:16
  42. Use Case Implementation of TensorFlow 04:08:25

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