Top 12 Python Libraries For 2021

Top 12 Python Libraries For 2021

Wanting to know which Python library would fit your needs in 2021? We have got every essential Python libraries covered in this blog!

When talking about the data science world, Python is increasingly becoming a go-to language and is one of the key aspects hiring managers are searching for in the skill set of a data scientist. It has been repeatedly ranking at the topmost position at the global data science surveys and its universal success just keeps growing!

Python offers us easy-to-code, object-oriented, high-level language means. And then we have numerous libraries to do jobs like mathematics, data mining, data exploration, and visualisation.

In this blog, we will be discussing these Python Libraries that are doing wonders in 2021:

1. NumPy

NumPy is among the most powerful scientific computation *Python libraries *and is used extensively for Machine Learning and Deep Learning apps. NumPy is short for NUMerical PYthon. Complex computational machine learning algorithms need multidimensional array operations. NumPy shows solutions for large objects with multidimensional arrays and different tools to function with them.

Features of NumPy

  1. It is an open-source Python library.
  2. It has matrix data structures and a multi-dimensional array.
  3. It can be used to conduct a range of mathematical functions on arrays.
  4. It is an extension of Numeric and numarray.
  5. It also has random number generators.

2. Dear PyGui

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