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The Quick Guide to Dark Mode

Dark mode is becoming more and more prevalent across the web and now standards are letting us align with native system settings. Let’s take a look at dark mode.

Dark mode and light mode are becoming more and more prevalent across the web, so it makes sense that standards are now being produced to help us manage this in line with native system settings.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at how to do dark mode properly.

Why Should We Use Dark Mode?

Dark mode is very trendy and cool at the minute, but the day to day use of it and why you should do it can be boiled down to three main points:

  • Accessibility and Usability - Dark mode can provide a method to give higher contrast to users with sight issues. It also lets users who want to use dark mode on their devices continue their journey on your site, rather than being forced to view a white page.
  • Energy-saving - it saves energy, especially on devices where pure black pixels do not emit any light.
  • Options - it gives users options as to how they will view and engage with your pages.

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The Quick Guide to Dark Mode

How To Toggle Dark and Light Mode using jQuery

Hello Guys,

In this tutorial I will show you how to toggle between dark and light mode using jQuery.

As per the current trend of web development in many websites provides to user for reading select theme like dark mode and light mode or day mode and night mode of website and it’s very easy to implement in website.

In this just write some css code and java script for toggle dark mode and light mode website also you can store in local storage for save the state of user select theme like dark mode and light of website.

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How To Create Dark and Light Mode Website using jQuery

Hello Friends,

In this tutorial i will show you How To Create Dark and Light Mode Website using jQuery.

As you can see many website and mobile applications are provide light theme as well as dark theme to user, It is useful for websites which have long content and requires users to focus on the screen for a long time.

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Dark Mode using CSS Variables

Are you stuck with (LESS/SASS) pre-processor based color variables and looking around for solutions to implement dark mode?

You came to the right place!

Are you looking for an elegant way to implement a dark mode in your new project?

You came to the right place!

Are you looking for a way to** listen to the operating system theme** preference and switch your app’s theme accordingly?

You came to the right place!

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A complete guide for elegantly implementing and switching between light and dark themes for web apps.


  • Demo
  • Pre-processor independence
  • Designing color variables in CSS
  • Setting up light and dark themes
  • Listen to the Operating System theme

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Byneet Dev

Byneet Dev


Flutter Tutorial Light and Dark Mode with Provider

The Dark Mode feature or dark mode is now a trend in various applications. Many applications on Android and iOS now support the Dark Mode feature to help users become more comfortable with the dark interface.

In this tutorial, explains how you can create applications that support dark and light themes easily and quickly.

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