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Shardul Bhatt


How to Hire Java Developers for your Web Development Project?

The choice of technology depends on the needs of the business. However, there is one technology that has stood the test of time for ages now. Java.

The romance of businesses and Java is a blockbuster story. Java has proven to be one of the most important platforms and a popular programming language spanning the web, electronic devices, and servers. To meet their specific needs, organisations either hire Java developers or outsource the job to external java development services.

Java is an in-demand object-oriented programming language that is quick, secure, dependable and very user-friendly for all kinds of devices varying from mobile to supercomputer. Therefore, organisations try to hire the best java experts available in the huge pool of developers. 

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The article talks about why to hire java programmers and how to go about selecting and hiring them. 

What is a Java Developer and What is Their Role?

Any qualified expert with robust technical know-how of all intricacies related to Java development. They are experts in this language and so can provide custom java software development services based upon the needs of any organisation.

Raising a good java team that is experienced with the language will help an organisation to better their processes, services and products in a fast and efficient way.

Why Consider Hiring Java Developers?

Java is a very versatile and universal language. With the help of this language, java engineers can build diverse applications for multiple purposes. Java is used as a popular solution for designing:

  1. ERP platforms
  2. Mobile applications for Android OS
  3. Blockchain and smart contract mechanism
  4. Financial applications
  5. Media and entertainment applications

Java is a primary choice of many of the best custom software development companies in the market. As per a Stackoverflow survey, Java has maintained its stronghold as the top 5 commonly used programming languages with a share of 38.4% in 2020. Even during the unpredictable period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Java maintained its position to be a stable and reliable platform. 

Some of the major and well known applications built on Java include Spotify, Twitter, PayPal, General Motors, American Express and many others. 

How to Hire Java Developers for your Company?

A recent CodinGame Developer Survey 2021 reported that approximately 59% of hiring managers have a high demand for java solutions providers. This clearly means that you are not the only enterprise looking out for some experienced java web application development service. 

According to the same survey, while around 60% of companies have a demand for Java and JavaScript developers, more than half of the developers know how to code in these languages. 

Given the strict competition in hiring java consultants, smart tips need to be followed by recruiters to attract the best talent.

  • Analyse Java Developers Need: 
    • All developers have different skills and advantages. The first logical step is to list down the qualities you are looking for in a developer. These specifications should match with the company’s goals to ensure all expectations are met in the end.
    • The first step in the development of any Java application is to understand the requirement and act accordingly. Once you know your requirements, you can narrow down the candidates easily.
    • Remember the efforts should be to align the right person to the right job.
  • Define the Category of your Java Web Development Project: 
    • Before initiating the project, there are a few necessary questions that need to be answered at the onset of the project. For instance, what type of software do you want to develop? Every Java web development project comes with its own requirements and challenges and therefore each project may have its own talent and skill requirement.
    • Organisations can either hire developers with specific skills or work with an external Java web development services enterprise. Check any Java project example of the developer before hiring a full-time resource or outsourcing your development project to a third party.
  • Where to Search for Professional Developers:  
    • To find a specialist Java developer, sometimes traditional methods prove to be insufficient. An unusual but effective way to source expert developers for any Java web service project, is to check out professional sites such as Clutch, Upwork, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Since you already know the qualities you are looking for in a developer, match them with the profiles of the developers and shortlist your first list of candidates.
  • Acquire Service of an IT Recruiter:
    • If you are finding it hard to recruit a good developer on your own or do not have the bandwidth for the same, take the services of an able IT recruiter. Such companies can help organisations in finding software development specialists to handle a java web development project. IT recruiters not only find java developers for hire, but they also conduct an effective interview instead of you and fill permanent job positions in your company. This option includes some fee, which is totally worth it. 
  • Attend Tech Events like Hackathons:
    • Such events are a great place to judge a Java developer skills. As many developers wreck their brains to solve complex IT problems with the help of their skills and expertise, such places are a great place to hire a proven Java warrior.

The information regarding such interesting events can be easily found on the internet as numerous technical websites and event pages are updated with the information of such events.

What Skills does a Java Developer Need?

A Java developer must be able to code in Java and create utilities using the language. They must be aware of how the application architecture works so that it is scalable and easy for all developers to learn and get on board. Any developer passing through the Java developer roadmap must also have an understanding of the Spring framework, Hibernate and other tools. 


Java is a popular programming language in the developer’s landscape globally. As per Mangosoft, roughly 58% of organisations trust and use Java for their web development projects. So, hiring a Java developer has extensive advantages for any organisation. It can give them the benefits of low cost, latest technology and high operational efficiency. 

The challenge of finding a dependable talent that drives you through the Java wave is both uneasy and worth it. You just need to use the right hiring plan.

If you need java software development best practices for your enterprise, BoTree Technologies, a leading Java software development company can assist you.

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Guide to Hiring Java Developers

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How to Hire Java Developers for your Web Development Project?

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If you have an upcoming project and are confused about which programming language would be the best, you can consider Java. Java is one of the most popular programming languages for developing powerful apps and sharing them across multiple platforms. Because of many benefits and great features, Java has become one of the most in-demand programming languages in the past few years. Want to hire skilled Java developers and leave your project in safe hands?

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Rahim Makhani


Hire the Best Java Developer for your Web App

Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language. It is a general-purpose programming language that allows developers to write code once and run anywhere. The compiled Java code can run on all the platforms that support the code without recompilation.

Java is the primary language of all the programming languages to develop web apps and mobile apps. The syntax of Java is similar to C and C++.

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Rahim Makhani


Are you looking for a JAVA developer? Hire NOW

Java is a high-level class-based object-oriented programming language specially designed to have as a few implementations as possible. It is a general-purpose programming language expected to let developers write once, run anywhere. Java is a straightforward language as you can write code once and run it anywhere on any platform.

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