Make Your Vue.Js Apps Seo-friendly

Make Your Vue.Js Apps Seo-friendly

In this article, we will be adding making Vue.js apps more SEO friendly via Vue-Meta library. Make Your Vue.Js Apps Seo-friendly

Vue.js is one of my favourite, if not the favourite, framework.

It is easy to understand, the learning curve is not steep at all unlike React and Angular and it is a light package weighing in about 30kb.

However, it still is a Single Page Application(SPA). Although you can still generate static sites using it if you go with the SPA, you will lose out on one of the important things in web development i.e SEO.

Google crawlers have improved over the years and so have the JavaScript apps, however, the developers still have to take a few additional steps to fully comply with SEO and make the app discoverable organically.

If any of the terms like crawlers or “discoverable organically” then you should check my guide to Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

In this article, we will be adding making Vue.js apps more SEO friendly via Vue-Meta library.

What is Vue-Meta?

Vue Meta is a Vue.js plugin that allows you to manage your app’s metadata. You simply export it as part of your component's data using the metaInfo property.

It tends to provide the same functionality as the React-Helmet package does for React.

Many frameworks are already using the package. Some of them are:

  1. Gridsome
  2. Nuxt.js
  3. Factor JS
  4. Ream

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