Why You Should Care About Service Meshes

Why You Should Care About Service Meshes

Service Meshes Enhance Reliability and Visibility. Service meshes offer intelligent traffic routing that automatically recovers. A service mesh provides benefits for development and operations in microservices environments. Why You Should Care About Service Meshes .

A service mesh provides benefits for development and operations in microservices environments.

Many developers wonder why they should care about  service meshes. It's a question I'm asked often in my presentations at developer meetups, conferences, and hands-on workshops about microservices development with cloud-native architecture. My answer is always the same: "As long as you want to simplify your microservices architecture, it should be running on Kubernetes."

Concerning simplification, you probably also wonder why distributed microservices must be designed so complexly for running on Kubernetes clusters. As this article explains, many developers solve the microservices architecture's complexity with service mesh and gain additional benefits by adopting service mesh in production.

What Is a Service Mesh?

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer for providing a transparent and code-independent (polyglot) way to eliminate nonfunctional microservices capabilities from the application code.

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