Sendbird vs. Twilio Comparison | Sendbird vs Competitors

Sendbird vs. Twilio Comparison | Sendbird vs Competitors

Over three Billion Smartphones users in 2020, this is expected to reach a seven hundred Billion mark...

If you are looking for a SendBird and Twilio comparsion?

Then you are at the right place. Here, we have everything you need!

Let’s have an in-depth discussion over these best alternatives with feature comparison before making a decision.

Sendbird Alternatives

Exploring the Top Real Time Communication APIs & SDKs Providers

As we all know that today almost all the communication providers are doing their best to grab the market’s attention by offering text, voice, and video solution.

Even they were ensuring to have an offer of enterprise-level models that follows a certain level of standard that can support a huge number of users with minimal latency rates.

This almost makes it difficult to make a decision over the best one.

Moving forward to have a vision for the future in real time communication, there are some of the top players who provide the realtime messaging API and SDK for mobile and web applications in there own way.

Let’s have a look at and know more about

1. Sendbird — Complete in-app Chat

Sendbird is one of the top chat API and messaging SDK platforms for mobiles and websites. It is a SaaS base model that provides the services to their customers on a monthly rental basis.

Since Sendbird is a SaaS model, it's customers can simply use the application with the available features without making any changes over it.

2. Twilio — a leader in SMS

Now, let's explore Twilio. Twilio is the foremost cloud communication platform in the present market that makes use of the PaaS model dealing with SMS and whatsapp messaging. Even this platform has been utilized a lot by considering CONTUS MirrorFly and Sendbird alternatives.

Twilio provides a software based platform and still it’s not into in-app chat applications as others. It is also considered as a developer's platform, thus cannot be used by marketers or non-developers.

Twilio mainly targets programmable chat API, so as it allows the users to make and receive phone calls, and also send and receive text messages instantly.

Recently, Twilio has made an announcement to migrate from programmable chat to conversational API. But unfortunately Twilio is still not there, instead of investing in conversation API and getting into the competition, it has just upgraded the existing programmable chat API, which simply does not make sense

3. CONTUS MirrorFly - Communication API & SDK Solution (Chat,Video and Voice)

Now, let's see what is CONTUS MirrorFly?

Well to start with, CONTUS MirrorFly can be defined as the future of real time communication solution.

Yes! this is so as it deals with all - chat, voice, and video, the all-in-one communication solution for mobiles and web applications.

Unlike other API's, CONTUS MirrorFly offers unlimited data usage with 100% customization option which makes it unique among all other competitors.

This chat API and messaging SDK enables the amalgamation of messaging system, video, and voice into any existing application that includes iOS, Android, and web applications.

It also offers WebRTC to build your own business application as per the business needs.

As CONTUS MirrorFly is a SaaP solution, it is available at one time license cost where you can buy the application with your desired features at one time cost.

What’s Best : CONTUS MirrorFly, Twilio & Sendbird Comparison ?

We believe that your business deserves the best in-app chat API and messaging SDK. But to go for the best is not an easy task and use it for life.

Sendbird Twilio CONTUS MirrorFly
Sendbird builds a messaging app to get connected with online communities in a way that aligns with their respective customers needs and preferences. But the concept of customization still needs clarity Twilio allows you to build your own application by providing a number of flexible tools with guidance. But it has never been revealed as to what extent it can be customized. Among all other competitors, CONTUS MirrorFly is considered to be the top Twilio alternative as well as Sendbird alternative, this is because it’s a 100% end-to-end customizable solution which enables an interactive front-end user interface with a supportive premium back-end system.

CONTUS MirrorFly provides end-to-end control to their clients over their application and features once purchased

Sendbird is a chat API and messaging SDK platform with SaaS (Software as a service) model.

It is a way of delivering applications over the internet that is available as a service. Wherein, the customers can utilize the service by paying a monthly rental.

Here, the customers need not have to buy, install, maintain, or update any software to use it

Twilio is a cloud based software with a PaaS (Platform as a service) model. Therefore, it provides their customers with the option to utilize the service structure they provide for communication via voice and video. CONTUS MirrorFly is a SaaP (Software as a product) based solution. Therefore, it allows you to use the product for life time once purchased by buying a licence to download and use the software with a one-time payment.
Sendbird leverages AWS for its customers engagement platform, also supporting some of the largest chat deployments. Twilio cloud communication platform uses Amazon Web Services AWS for hosting. This means that Twilio depends on AWS data center to store their datas. CONTUS MirrorFly provides a variety of hosting options both on premises infrastructure and cloud server. All this depends upon the customer's need as per their business.
Sendbird is not open to pricing as they have their product made available at different prices to different customers. Some of the core features are also missing with different platforms.

Since it is a SaaS product, its customers can utilize their service by making a monthly payment/ subscription. But, will not have control over the features. .

Twilio Pricing is higher, When it is international. CONTUS MirrorFly allows you to have access to your solution with a complete control over the features that you have set up for your business. All this is available for life once purchased with a one time payment


However, the above are some of the major features that most of the business look for. But to have more clarity over the CONTUS MirrorFly vs Sendbird vs Twilio comparison listing, you can have a look at the most extended version of it with more features.

sendbirdalternative twilioalternative contusmirrorfly

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