Roadmap to Python Mastery

Roadmap to Python Mastery

What You Need to Learn to Become Good at Python. In this category, any starting newbie should be focusing on fundamental programming concepts and really understanding the basic building blocks of programming.

Is there such a thing as becoming a master programmer? Python is the easiest high-level language most beginners are advised to begin with. The pace at which you get to a “good coder” lever is totally up to you. This does not mean that you cannot go faster through the journey. In this article, I will be discussing the topics and skills that you need to learn to become a master at the Python programming language. This is going to be like a road-map to becoming good at python. For the sake of organization, I will break these skills up into four main categories. Those are beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.


In this category, any starting newbie should be focusing on fundamental programming concepts and really understanding the basic building blocks of programming. The list below shows the way I would advise a beginner to take.

  • Variables. You are going to want to understand how variables work, types of variables, scope, and why we even use variables in programming. With these, you can also learn mutable and immutable data types are pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Operators are a vital part of programming because they are the tools used for any computation, variable assignment, condition evaluation, and loops.
  • Conditions. When it comes to decision making, conditions are king. In this section, you will have to understand boolean conditions, chaining conditionals together, and the statements used to check conditions. This usually goes hand in hand with loops and iteration. In section, you must know the different loops available within the language, like for and while loops.
  • Basic data structures. Data structures are the soul of every program. There are a plethora of data structures out there, but the main focus should be on understanding lists, sets, dictionaries, and tuples.
  • Functions. Functions are crucial to any program. A combination of different functions within your programs makes is what makes the program perform as intended.
  • Basic knowledge of IO operations. This is nothing complicated. The concept to learn is how to read from a text file? How do you write to a text file? Can you open a CSV file?. These are things that you may need to do, especially if you want to make real-life applications, or maybe you want to store something into a file. So that is going to be the basic section for you guys. I know that is a lot, and it sounds really overwhelming.

It is important that you practice the skills in this section because once you master or have a good understanding of the basics, your python journey will become easier.

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