Building Your TRC-721 Token - A Detailed Guide

Building Your TRC-721 Token - A Detailed Guide

Embrace your blockchain business growth with TRC-721 token development

“TRON has released the information regarding the new TRC-721 token development and NFT standard. It contains technical supporting documents of TRONs NFT and has created wide opportunities for the platform to be built on TRON blockchain.”

The TRC-721 is a standard interface that provides NFTs in the TRON network, and it is compatible with ERC-721, a standard that creates NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs issued on the TRON blockchain, processed by extension of the TRON link in chrome and require a minimum balance of 350 TRX in the account to give NFTs. Customization of the name and symbol of users in the token is possible when it is issued.

The TRON is a new concept of NFT standard for TRC-721, derived from the crypto blockchain project. The TRC-721 holds a unique identity and enables to move collectibles with the same value without any changes. Creating TRC-721 token standards will replicate the same as tangible assets in the real world. The TRC-721 holder gains ownership of the token and has privacy control over their data from a hack or vulnerable activities.

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