Manipulating DataFrames with Python: Pivoting, Stacking and Melting

Manipulating DataFrames with Python: Pivoting, Stacking and Melting

These posts are going to be a guide on how to get started playing with DataFrame. In here, I'll tutorial about: Pivoting, Stacking and Melting

This is a continuation of my last post. It’s required that you read that post first before diving into these topics. Here is the link to it.

In this part-2 of Manipulating DataFrames with Python, we’ll cover some of the following techniques:

  1. Pivoting DataFrames
  2. Stacking and Unstacking DataFrames
  3. Melting DataFrames

These posts are going to be a guide on how to get started playing with DataFrame. The topics in themselves are worth writing an article for each of them. However, I’ll give a basic understanding of them and in case if you want to dig deeper I’ll attach the links to in-depth tutorials about the topics.

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