GitOps on Google Cloud Platform - GitOps and Useful GitOps Tools

GitOps on Google Cloud Platform - GitOps and Useful GitOps Tools

Leverage the right tools to ensure your GitOps methodology adoption is a success. GitOps and Useful GitOps Tools. GitOps on Google Cloud Platform.

GitOps is a fairly new (2017) style of implementing DevOps practices that has quickly grown in popularity. This 3-part blog series will:

  • Explain the fundamentals of GitOps and the tools you will need in your repertoire to make the principles and practical approach a success in your enterprise.  
  • Provide a walkthrough of the steps needed to setup and install all the necessary components for a successful GitOps automation process.
  • Outline the inner workings of the Caylent GitOps Accelerator and all its benefits.

Origin of GitOps

The term GitOps was coined in a blog post titled “GitOps—Operations by Pull Request” published on August 7, 2017 by Alexis Richardson, the CEO of Weaveworks. However, the fundamental concepts that underpin the GitOps methodology were largely devised by Google and codified in the now-famous Site Reliability Engineering book that was published in March 2016. However, SRE is a very Google-specific methodology that at the time was difficult to implement anywhere else. This has changed in the intervening years, but in the meantime GitOps has evolved to fill in some of the tools and practices that make it possible for everyone to manage systems the way Google does internally.

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Getting Started with GitOps on Google Cloud Platform

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Optimizing the Caylent GitOps Accelerator on Google Cloud Platform

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