How I speed up my Power BI report 5x!

How I speed up my Power BI report 5x!

How I speed up my Power BI report 5x! Your Power BI report is slow? Check how you can dramatically speed it up applying some simple tricks while preserving the original report look

Yeah, neither can I!

But, there is a huuuuuge difference between those two reports! What if I tell you that the report on the right is 5x faster than the one on the left? Would you believe me? No? Then keep reading and I will show you how’s that possible…

How it all started…

I was reading a great blog post by Chris Hamill, where he explained how to substitute some visuals in the report while keeping the same visual look. So, I was immediately tempted to try to apply a similar technique to one of the reports I previously created.

The report page which you see on the left side in the illustration above displays some figures related to the performance of the customer support center. There are a whole bunch of metrics related to chats, surveys, phone calls, emails, etc.

However, this report page needs a hell of a lot of time to render and load. The main culprit is the big number of card visuals (21 in total). Since Formula Engine behind the Power BI works single-threaded, as explained in detail in this article, for every single Card visual, a new query is being generated and can’t be executed until the previous one is completed!

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