Doing Cloud Migration Right: How to Win at Cost Savings, Scalability

Doing Cloud Migration Right: How to Win at Cost Savings, Scalability

Cloud adoption is already mainstream. Your cloud project can be pretty straightforward or incredibly complex. Doing Cloud Migration Right: How to Win at Cost Savings, Scalability, and Better Performance.

Moving to the cloud is sought after these days. As technologies have matured to ease migration pains, the rush to the cloud has entered a new chapter, enabled by the COVID-19 crisis.

If you are still not sure whether to embrace the cloud, you were already behind 90% of companies worldwide even before the pandemic. The limitations placed by the crisis on in-person interactions have only accelerated cloud plans. Every enterprise has its own reason to get rid of on-premises hardware, from cost savings, scalability, better performance, or security to enhanced social distancing, a new priority on the list.

It is no longer a question of why companies are moving to the cloud. Rather, it is a question of how to deal with cloud migration challenges and make your project a success. The sad truth is, one-third of cloud deployments fail. Sometimes utterly. Like it was with UK-based bank TSB.

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