What is the next big thing in mobile app development?

The latest mobile app trends are expected to benefit businesses greatly in the near future. This is due to the potential of technology to improve mobile apps. The mobile app development industry is rapidly evolving, and you must keep up with shifting mobile app development trends to grow and survive in this digital Darwinian era. Since the introduction of smartphones, users have not taken a step back, and technology continues to advance year after year. Everything that followed was beyond even the most irrational predictions. In just a few years, mobile phones have become a ubiquitous device, which is why the mobile app development industry is booming.

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In 2022, it is expected that there will be 7 billion mobile users worldwide. This number is expected to continue to climb as technology becomes more accessible with each passing day. Over the last decade, mobile phones have smoothly merged into our lives.

Here is a list of the next big thing in mobile app development:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

FaceApp, the well-known smartphone application that rocketed to notoriety overnight thanks to its amazing usage of Artificial Intelligence, is well-known to everyone (AI). It uses filters to a user’s photo to illustrate how they will seem as they age, grow older, and so on. The artificial intelligence business has already crossed the $50 billion thresholds, as more industries and sectors use AI to ensure cutting-edge performance. In the mobile app development industry, a similar trend will be seen, with agencies and developers integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into mobile apps to improve user experience and increase retention and engagement.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of smart gadgets that can connect with one another via the Internet. Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant can manage everything from the lights in our houses to the ovens in our kitchens. This is the IoT’s vision of the future, and we’ve taken to it admirably so far. Manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Nest, and Honeywell have created a strong foundation at an affordable price.

AR and VR:

In the mobile app development market, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are well-known ideas (AR). These new technologies will improve to the point where they will be a part of the huge revolution in mobile app development for gaming and entertainment. Many VR-based games and applications, such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and others, have become show-stoppers in the global gaming and entertainment sector. As a result, the performance and functionality of VR and AR technologies in mobile app development are fast developing.

Cloud-based Apps:

Over the last few years, cloud technology has advanced tremendously. As service providers invest in more efficient cloud infrastructure, cloud storage is becoming more affordable. In 2021, cloud technology will be the backbone of mobile app development.

Many of the things we do on applications now, such as booking a cab or ordering meals, rely on cloud technology. Web hosting has become more affordable, load efficient, and accessible thanks to the cloud. As a result, the mobile technology trend has been quickly adopted.

On-Demand Development Apps:

To fill a hole in the mobile app development business, on-demand development apps were launched. Building apps used to necessitate technical expertise and coding knowledge, but the on-demand development approach has made app development much more accessible. Are you a business owner that wants to grow through the use of apps? It’s likely that you won’t have to construct it yourself. There’s a considerable probability that an on-demand app exists that will fulfill all of your expectations. According to this figure, 42% of adults have utilized on-demand services.

Mobile Wallets:

Our lifestyles were altered as a result of the epidemic, and we were obliged to embrace a digital-first approach. Everything nowadays is done online, from grocery shopping to paying people for their services. Mobile wallets have made internet payments more accessible to the general public.

As more people use the internet to transfer money, service providers will strive to improve and safeguard their products. When it comes to mobile wallet development, one of the main issues is the security of funds and transactions. After the epidemic, social isolation has become the new norm, thus contactless payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay help to alleviate the problem.


Wearables have taken the world by storm; whether it’s on the subway or at the gym, everyone is wearing the latest gadgets. Then came the Apple Watch and AirPods, which prepared the path for greater space expansion. Smartwatches and smart earphones are now available from every manufacturer. These may do everything from assisting you in navigating to your location to allowing you to make a phone call without having to use your phone! With a market worth of over $44 billion, it’s reasonable to say that wearables are one of the most popular mobile app trends.

Blockchain Technology:

Due to its solid and stable architecture, blockchain can improve the stability of a mobile application.

Blockchain nodes are located all over the world and are in sync with one another. As a result, it ensures that the same copy of the data is replicated across several devices in various conditions.

There is less possibility of the system breaking or collapsing because it is decentralized. Plus, there’s more. It is more reliable since the data in each block is processed in several locations.

5G Technology:

5G is the most recent wireless communication technology, and it promises to enhance latency, network capacity, throughput, efficiency, and connection density. It is already available in a few places of the world and is on its way to becoming a worldwide craze.

Developers will be able to design more responsive and speedy apps thanks to the improved features supplied by 5G technology. More apps employing augmented and virtual reality, IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will be possible thanks to 5G technology.


Thanks to improvements in 5G technology, AR/VR, and Machine Learning, the future of mobile app creation is rapid and simple (ML). If you’re looking for a mobile app developer, Brillmindz As the leading mobile app development company in Hyderabad, India, we can assist you in realizing your vision and ensuring that you have a high-performing app.

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How long does it take to develop/build an app?

With more of us using smartphones, the popularity of mobile applications has exploded. In the digital era, the number of people looking for products and services online is growing rapidly. Smartphone owners look for mobile applications that give them quick access to companies’ products and services. As a result, mobile apps provide customers with a lot of benefits in just one device.

Likewise, companies use mobile apps to increase customer loyalty and improve their services. Mobile Developers are in high demand as companies use apps not only to create brand awareness but also to gather information. For that reason, mobile apps are used as tools to collect valuable data from customers to help companies improve their offer.

There are many types of mobile applications, each with its own advantages. For example, native apps perform better, while web apps don’t need to be customized for the platform or operating system (OS). Likewise, hybrid apps provide users with comfortable user experience. However, you may be wondering how long it takes to develop an app.

To give you an idea of how long the app development process takes, here’s a short guide.

App Idea & Research


_Average time spent: two to five weeks _

This is the initial stage and a crucial step in setting the project in the right direction. In this stage, you brainstorm ideas and select the best one. Apart from that, you’ll need to do some research to see if your idea is viable. Remember that coming up with an idea is easy; the hard part is to make it a reality.

All your ideas may seem viable, but you still have to run some tests to keep it as real as possible. For that reason, when Web Developers are building a web app, they analyze the available ideas to see which one is the best match for the targeted audience.

Targeting the right audience is crucial when you are developing an app. It saves time when shaping the app in the right direction as you have a clear set of objectives. Likewise, analyzing how the app affects the market is essential. During the research process, App Developers must gather information about potential competitors and threats. This helps the app owners develop strategies to tackle difficulties that come up after the launch.

The research process can take several weeks, but it determines how successful your app can be. For that reason, you must take your time to know all the weaknesses and strengths of the competitors, possible app strategies, and targeted audience.

The outcomes of this stage are app prototypes and the minimum feasible product.

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List Of The Top Pittsburgh Mobile App Development Companies

Let’s look at the list of top list of the top Pittsburgh mobile app development companies which are known for providing top-notch services globally. They are great developers who provide quality services for all your needs.

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Jones Brianna


Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in India


Here’s a rundown of Top 10 mobile app development companies in India, carefully evaluated on the various performance indicators based on proven track record and diversified portfolio, quality of end-product, experience, core technical expertise, project management strategy, adherence to timelines and budget, app prototyping and UI/UX design.

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