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How can I download the NCERT solution book for the CBSE class 9 maths?

You can easily get a NCERT solution book for the CBSE class 9 maths on several websites on the internet. You can get all the solutions for the problems of Class 9. You can easily download  NCERT solution book for the CBSE class 9 maths from any website. You can find the best Ebook solutions for class 9 maths free of cost on: 

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Superdom: Better and Simpler ES6 DOM Manipulation


You have dom. It has all the DOM virtually within it. Use that power:

// Fetch all the page links
let links = dom.a.href;

// Links open in a new tab = '_blank';

Only for modern browsers

Getting started

Simply use the CDN via

<script src=""></script>

Or use npm or bower:

npm|bower install superdom --save


It always returns an array with the matched elements. Get all the elements that match the selector:

// Simple element selector into an array
let allLinks = dom.a;

// Loop straight on the selection
dom.a.forEach(link => { ... });

// Combined selector
let importantLinks = dom['a.important'];

There are also some predetermined elements, such as id, class and attr:

// Select HTML Elements by id:
let main =;

// by class:
let buttons = dom.class.button;

// or by attribute:
let targeted =;
let targeted = dom.attr['target="_blank"'];


Use it as a function or a tagged template literal to generate DOM fragments:

// Not a typo; tagged template literals
let link = dom`<a href="">Google</a>`;

// It is the same as
let link = dom('<a href="">Google</a>');

Delete elements

Delete a piece of the DOM

// Delete all of the elements with the class .google
delete;   // Is this an ad-block rule?


You can easily manipulate attributes right from the dom node. There are some aliases that share the syntax of the attributes such as html and text (aliases for innerHTML and textContent). There are others that travel through the dom such as parent (alias for parentNode) and children. Finally, class behaves differently as explained below.

Get attributes

The fetching will always return an array with the element for each of the matched nodes (or undefined if not there):

// Retrieve all the urls from the page
let urls = dom.a.href;     // #attr-list
  // ['', '', ...]

// Get an array of the h2 contents (alias of innerHTML)
let h2s = dom.h2.html;     // #attr-alias
  // ['Level 2 header', 'Another level 2 header', ...]

// Get whether any of the attributes has the value "_blank"
let hasBlank =;    // #attr-value
  // true/false

You also use these:

  • html (alias of innerHTML): retrieve a list of the htmls
  • text (alias of textContent): retrieve a list of the htmls
  • parent (alias of parentNode): travel up one level
  • children: travel down one level

Set attributes

// Set target="_blank" to all links = '_blank';     // #attr-set
dom.class.tableofcontents.html = `
  <ul class="tableofcontents">
    ${ => `
        <a href="#${}">

Remove an attribute

To delete an attribute use the delete keyword:

// Remove all urls from the page
delete dom.a.href;

// Remove all ids


It provides an easy way to manipulate the classes.

Get classes

To retrieve whether a particular class is present or not:

// Get an array with true/false for a single class
let isTest = dom.a.class.test;     // #class-one

For a general method to retrieve all classes you can do:

// Get a list of the classes of each matched element
let arrays = dom.a.class;     // #class-arrays
  // [['important'], ['button', 'cta'], ...]

// If you want a plain list with all of the classes:
let flatten = dom.a.class._flat;     // #class-flat
  // ['important', 'button', 'cta', ...]

// And if you just want an string with space-separated classes:
let text = dom.a.class._text;     // #class-text
  // 'important button cta ...'

Add a class

// Add the class 'test' (different ways)
dom.a.class.test = true;    // #class-make-true
dom.a.class = 'test';       // #class-push

Remove a class

// Remove the class 'test'
dom.a.class.test = false;    // #class-make-false


Did we say it returns a simple array?

dom.a.forEach(link => link.innerHTML = 'I am a link');

But what an interesting array it is; indeed we are also proxy'ing it so you can manipulate its sub-elements straight from the selector:

// Replace all of the link's html with 'I am a link'
dom.a.html = 'I am a link';

Of course we might want to manipulate them dynamically depending on the current value. Just pass it a function:

// Append ' ^_^' to all of the links in the page
dom.a.html = html => html + ' ^_^';

// Same as this:
dom.a.forEach(link => link.innerHTML = link.innerHTML + ' ^_^');

Note: this won't work dom.a.html += ' ^_^'; for more than 1 match (for reasons)

Or get into genetics to manipulate the attributes: = '_blank';

// Only to external sites:
let isOwnPage = el => /^https?\:\/\/mypage\.com/.test(el.getAttribute('href')); = (prev, i, element) => isOwnPage(element) ? '' : '_blank';


You can also handle and trigger events:

// Handle click events for all <a> = e => ...;

// Trigger click event for all <a>;


We are using Jest as a Grunt task for testing. Install Jest and run in the terminal:

grunt watch

Download Details:

Author: franciscop
Source Code: 
License: MIT license

#javascript #es6 #dom 

Entrance i

Entrance i


NCERT solutions for class 9 All subjects|Entrancei

Biology (Gk. Bios-life and logos-to speech) is the branch of science that deals with the scientific study of life. It depends on other sciences (such as physics and chemistry) and has therefore become a multidisciplinary and multidimensional scientific branch. Biology is better known as “life sciences” because it seeks to understand how living things interact with other “living” and “non-living” things.
Precisely, biology is research, an ongoing investigation into the nature of life. Biology, being an important branch of science, requires a scientific approach to understand and obtain precise results.

• The term “biology” was coined by Lamarck and Treviranus in 1802.
• Aristotle is known as “father of biology and zoology”.
• Theophrastus is known as the “father of botany”.
• Microorganisms were first observed by A.V. Leeuwenhoek but Louis Pasteur is considered to be the father of microbiology.
• Emil von Behring (Germany) was the first Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine to receive this prize in 1901 for serum therapy against “diphtheria”

Chapters cover in class 9 Biology

Chapter 1 - The fundamental unit of life
This chapter will help you discover the cell as the basic unit of life. Biology experts will give you step-by-step answers to explain concepts like eukaryotic cells, prokaryotic cells, chloroplast, Golgi apparatus, chromosomes, nuclei, etc.

Chapter 2 - Fabrics
Get answers on plant and animal tissue Chapter 2, Tissue. Discover the permanent and meristematic fabrics. Understand the structure of tissues and write precise answers to questions related to this concept.

Chapter 3 - Diversity of living organisms
This chapter explores concepts of biological diversity, such as groups of plants and groups of animals. Find NCERT expert solutions with explanations on angiosperms, bacteria, bryophytes, chordates, non-chordates and more.

Chapter 4 - Why are we sick?
Find out what it means to be healthy and unhealthy. Get complete answers about the causes of the disease and how you can lead a healthy life. In this chapter, learn about diseases, causes of diseases and infectious diseases.

Chapter 5 - Natural Resources
Understand the importance of resources such as air, water and soil. Write answers about geochemical cycles in nature. This chapter also deals with types of pollution and methods of pollution control to avoid possible damage.

Chapter 6 - Improving Food Resources
Explore concepts such as animal husbandry, the use of fertilizers, and ways to protect crops from pests. Find answers to questions about crop improvement, crop protection, agricultural production, etc. Also discover the basic concepts and the importance of organic farming in this chapter on biology.

Why Entrancei for CBSE class 9 Biology

The entry academic team is made up of a team of very experienced teachers who have prepared a dedicated academic resource for class 9 biology. Our team understands the resource requirements for class 9 biology and its use. You can get a detailed chapter of class 9 biology notes with the addition of resolved and unresolved examples. Each chapter of class 9 biology notes consists of one to 5 exercises with objective type questions that have improved your learning from the chapters. NCERT solutions for class 9 will help you excel in the exam prepared by our academic team. On the same page, you will get an online quiz for biology class 9. The model of the online questionnaire is similar to that of the body of the exam. In addition to these resources, you can refer to the Important questions for class 9 biology and to the different segments for class 9 biology formulas.
Source Url:

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Entrance i

Entrance i


About CBSE Grade 7 Math

CBSE Class 7 Math Notes are created by Entryi experts and download all the theories necessary for the competition and the entrance exam. Our team has downloaded all the theoretical, resolved and unsolved questions according to the chapters. Each CBSE Class 7 Math chapter consists of over 600 objective and subjective questions for further practice.

How to Use CBSE Class 7 Maths

In CBSE class 7 math, the most important chapters are integers, algebraic expressions, fractions, and decimal places. Therefore, studying this complex subject is important and helps students prepare for other assessments. Entrancei offers CBSE class 7 math tutorials to help students get the full test result. Our training materials include video courses, question banks, general notes and sample documents. All of this helps students to pass the exam.

In our Mathematics Class 7 academic resource, students can clarify their basic concepts on a specific topic. Our teachers explain the topic using practical examples, which you can use to remember the basic concepts. To build trust, answer any kind of question. You can consult our sample documents. They also give you an idea of the role model you are following. You will also learn what you need to do to pass the exam. The CBSE Class 7 math learning material was created by our university professionals.

You can also use our NCERT tutorials to explain all of your concepts step by step. They are available online and free of charge. We also have the “Ask an Expert” feature that solves all your questions and problems. We help you get more test results and clarify your basics on a specific topic.

Class Mathematics Chapter 7
Chapter 1 integer
Chapter 2 Fractions and Decimal Places
Chapter 3 Data processing
Chapter 4 Simple Equations
Chapter 5 Lines and Angles
Chapter 6 The triangle and its properties.
Chapter 7 Triangle Congruence
Chapter 8 Comparison of quantities
Chapter 9 Rational Numbers
Chapter 10 Practical Geometry
Chapter 11 Scope and Area
Chapter 12 Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 13 Issuers and Powers
Chapter 14 Symmetry
Chapter 15 Displaying solid shapes

Why Entrancei for CBSE grade 7 math

The entry-level academic team consists of a team of very experienced teachers who have prepared an academic resource for grade 7 math. Our team understands the resource requirements for class 7 math and how to use them. You can get details on the Grade 7 Math Notes chapter by adding solved and unsolved examples. Each chapter of the 7th grade math grades consists of one to five objective question exercises that have improved your chapter learning. Ncert solutions for class 7 will help you pass the exam prepared by our academic team. An online math quiz for grade 7 is available on the same page. The online quiz diagram is similar to the exam body. In addition to these resources, you can refer to the important questions for class 7 math and the various segments for class 7 math formulas.
Source Url:

#ncert solutions for class 7 #cbse class 7 math

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How can I download the NCERT solution book for the CBSE class 9 maths?

You can easily get a NCERT solution book for the CBSE class 9 maths on several websites on the internet. You can get all the solutions for the problems of Class 9. You can easily download  NCERT solution book for the CBSE class 9 maths from any website. You can find the best Ebook solutions for class 9 maths free of cost on: 

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