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Zoho Creator: A Developer Friendly Low Code Development Platform

Creating an application from scratch requires a lot of effort moreover you need abundant time to ensure that your application is free from technical dept, glitches, and error. However, in 2021, clients need instant application development and deployment. This put huge effort on the developer. But, there is no need to worry, Zoho Creator offers exactly what you need. It offers a cloud-based application development solution, as easy as drag and drop.

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Here in this article, we have discussed some key features that make Zoho creator a reliable low-code development platform.

How Developers Can Utilize Low Code Development Platforms To Their Advantage?
If you are a seasoned developer then you must be familiar with the concept of “Technical Debt.” Even if you are not or just have started learning about the application development then you should know that no matter how tempting it is to work on a new project every-now-and-then, remember to revisit your older project. If you not, then small code glitches will become technical debt.

On the other hand, developing an application from scratch requires a lot of effort on the developer’s part. They not only had to test and retest the application but also have to create documents again and again.

To relieve developers of concerns e.g., application testing, documentation, code clean-ups, Zoho Creator comes in handy. It is a low-code development solution that is specially build to assist developers in their quest to provide instant solutions to their clients.

Some of the essential advantages of Zoho Creator are:

Zero Setup

The best thing about the Zoho Creator is one doesn’t have to invest in equipment for software installation. Wanna know why? Because Zoho creator is cloud-based software, that you just need to buy a subscription. Once you have the subscription then you can virtually use the Zoho Creator from anywhere in the world.

Rapid Delivery

In addition to instant set-up, Zoho creator offers liberty to the developer in the sense of application creation and sharing. Wanna know how? Because Zoho creator offers drag and drops features that helps you in developing application visually. Moreover, Zoho Creator offers over 30 types of data recognition and over 40 types of charts for comprehensive data visualization.

Create Custom Application

Zoho Creator is powered by AI, this means you can create a custom application to match your clients’ needs. For instance, you need a barcode scanning application and your client also wants the application to automatically link with an inventory. Afterward, the app should show item purchase frequency and inventory replenishment records.

To provide your client with an instant solution, you can use Zoho Creator. It hosts thousands of codes that reduce the need for code writing. Besides, you can automate the routine and program your application to perform multiple tasks with one click. Hold on this doesn’t stop here, you can even develop a native device-friendly application with the need for recoding.

Growth Friendly Applications

One of the most important things about developing a custom application is to consider the growth margin. Meaning, no matter who your clients are always think a step ahead and aim to provide an application solution that doesn’t hinder the growth process of a business.

You never know what the clients’ businesses are capable of, so build an application that is business growth and customer growth-friendly. Along with this, it should be integration friendly too. Only then you can build a loyal customer base with returning clients.

Open-Source Solution

Zoho Creator is an open-source low-development platform that lets you develop custom applications in a short time. Besides, it allows you can create and use it anywhere. Moreover, the application developed by the creator is open source, which means you can integrate multiple applications or software to reduce the need for switching between different applications.


Unlike off-the-shelf application development, Zoho Creator offers complete liberty to the creator. It means you can modify and opt for third-party integration with your application. This increases the reliability of the application created by the Zoho creator.

Host And Migration

You can host applications either on-premise, Zoho cloud and azure, and AWS. This doesn’t stop there; you can even import data from excel and Google Sheets to convert it into an application. Along with this, Zoho Creator also provides the liberty to import data from database files.


Developing an application using PHP and other application developing code takes at least 2 to 3 years.

During this time, the developer has to run, test and document everything. But with Zoho Creator, the task that requires years are reduced to days. Moreover, Zoho Creator offers comprehensive security and access to the code repository. Besides, Zoho Creator offers a visual application development feature, in which you build an application using simple drag-and-drop features. Simultaneously you can pre-view the out of the application and rearrange the element order.

Lastly, Zoho creator is an open-source platform that lets you build an application the way you want and host an application where you want.
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Zoho Creator: A Developer Friendly Low Code Development Platform
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COVID-19 Has Changed the Future of Low-Code. Are You Ready?

How can we turbo-charge growth for the modern business? A hint: ride on the coattails of low-code software development and bridge the digital gap.

Given the benefits of rapid development - lower costs, faster delivery, and greater accessibility - the low-code market is pushing forward to a digital revolution and is projected to reach $27.23 billion in the year 2022. But for those with an eye for faster development cycles will know, today’s leading platforms - such as OutSystemsMendixLinx - were offering rapid development tools from as early as the naughties.

Since then, there has been no looking back.

But before we get to 2022, we need to understand 2020 - the year of Coronavirus - which has ushered in a new reality: Being an adaptable, the digital enterprise has never been more critical. So, how do we adapt, and what lies ahead in 2020?

Pushing to Digital Can Affect Positive Change

In this era of digital transformation, the ability to ship products quickly is a precious trait. Embracing the changes in technology and the newest innovations is no longer limited to the high-flying startups in Silicon Valley or Fortune 500s. Today, every company needs to be a technology company in some way.

Specifically for development, we have come to a place where thanks to many libraries and frameworks, what would’ve once taken many developers to build from scratch is now more often than not, replaced by very few IT pros plumbing different things together.

And if this is the trend to follow (efficiency!), it is why we are seeing so many “no-code” or “low-code” solutions popping up all over the place.

The truth is that in 2020, there are increasingly fewer reasons to write code. From small one or two-person businesses to unicorn startups and large multinationals, every company needs a developer or a team of developers to help with scaling digitally. The difference today is the increased demand to deliver products quickly, meaning that developers need a way to move faster. For those willing to break the model of traditional development, the solution can be found in low-code tools.

And the benefits are apparent:

  • **Speed **- Instead of time-consuming code, low-code platforms use visual models, eliminating the need for knowledge of syntax or boilerplate code.
  • **Flexibility **– Solving unique business problems via customization, without being exorbitantly expensive (read: hours writing code), will always prevail.
  • **Automation **– Less time wasted in trying to get things to work, and more time spent in actually getting them done. Win-win.

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There has been an enormous surge within the number of low code development platforms within the previous couple of years. the competition during this market is getting peak with each passing day. if you would like to develop a coffee code app, the experienced team of Appsinvo is usually there for you. Read More at :

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Platform App Design | Cross-Platform Development Services

Cross-Platform Development Services

With the development in mobile app technology, a huge time saver as well as the quality maintainer technology is Cross-Platform App development. The development of an app that takes less time to develop as well as uses one technology to develop an app for both android and iOS is game-changing technology in mobile app development.

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