Proven Tips To Diversify Your SEO Strategies In 2020

Proven Tips To Diversify Your SEO Strategies In 2020

Google regularly updates and changes its algorithms to improve search results and offer the best user experience. There is no guarantee that the search engine optimization(SEO) strategy currently employed by businesses will yield the desired...

Google regularly updates and changes its algorithms to improve search results and offer the best user experience. There is no guarantee that the search engine optimization(SEO) strategy currently employed by businesses will yield the desired results in the future. Taking advantage of diversified optimization techniques is proven to bring the desired search ranking outcomes.

Relying on one particular SEO technique is not advisable because it can become obsolete. Over-optimization of a particular tactic can signal manipulation to the search engine, resulting in penalties. These penalties cause loss of organic search visibility, traffic, and revenue and should be avoided at all costs.

In this article, we’re going to explain how businesses can implement different SEO services to reach on top of search results.

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Diversifying Content Strategies Content plays a significant role in formulating successful SEO strategies, and it is the domain that requires maximum diversification. Here are three ways to diversify content strategies: Create Content to Match Customer Intent

Diversification in content begins with the target audience; businesses need to produce engaging content to reach prospective customers. If the focus is entirely shifted on audiences that are ready to make a purchase, brands may miss out on a significant portion of the potential customer base. They need to create content that serves every stage of the marketing funnel, not just the bottom.

Each stage of the customer journey has a different intent. The content needs to match the similar frequency to show up in relevant search results. To address every stage of the marketing funnel, companies need to produce a variety of content types. For instance, at the top of the marketing funnel, companies should offer valuable content in the form of infographics and blog posts. Content Formats

Publishing content in different forms, like videos, images, and audio can increase search visibility and ranking of the website. The word content is generally used for blog posts or written text. However, text content does not always rank on top of search results. Businesses need to closely examine the search engine results of their target keywords to gain a better understanding of which types of content Google displays at the top. It’ll assist them in diversifying the content to match the content formats ranking at the top of search engines.

Publishing the content in different formats pushes the website in appearing for a variety of relevant queries and drives traffic. Expand Topical Authority of The Website

Focusing on one particular topic makes that site an expert authority on that subject. However, it also means that the site has limited itself and can’t serve a broader market, thus, missing out on other lucrative opportunities.

For instance, suppose a website has a variety of content on social media topics and thus ranks higher for related keywords. However, it narrows the website focus and makes it difficult to gain visibility for broader subjects.

As your business evolves to serve a broader audience, the strategies and market research employed should also strategically transform.

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Google algorithms are quite unpredictable and the new updates could change the entire linking policy. Therefore, by diversifying the link portfolio you can protect the website if Google changes the rules and marginalizes certain links, sites, or linking patterns.

Obtaining or building links from the same sites regularly diminishes the results. Search engine algorithms are advanced enough to recognize suspicious linking patterns and discounts inbound links from the same page to the same site, thus nullifying any impact of link building. Diversity in link portfolios solves that problem. The best way to diversify your link portfolio is to get links from multiple sites: High authority websites within the niche Low authority sites within the niche Relevant high authority sites outside the niche Relevant low authority sites outside the niche Social bookmarking sites Web directories Blog directories Blog comments and trackbacks Forum participation Wikis An easy and effective way to find out which backlinks work best for your niche is: Research to find out what type of content the target audience prefers through social media platforms. Also, notice how they respond to this content and to what extent. Find out the sites that have the most interactive and relevant content to your niche and link to them Study the competitors’ strategies and exceed them. It can be done by observing backlinks and keeping a record of Search Engine Result Pages(SERP) Be original and distinctive in your niche and find the unique selling point(USP). It will keep the website niche-focused and relevant to find strong backlinks Conclusion

Businesses need to diversify their content and link building strategies to improve website ranking and drive traffic. They should diversify all the marketing efforts, the wider the marketing net, the bigger the customer haul.

Rather than waiting for Google to roll out a new update that'll render your SEO strategy useless, diversify from the beginning. If you are not familiar with content and link building strategies, hire a professional digital marketing agency. At Oodles Marketing, our seasoned SEO experts understand the importance of diversification and assist clients by elevating their website’s rank and traction for overall business growth. For more information, contact us here.

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