Node js File System Module Example Tutorial

Node js File System Module Example Tutorial

Node js File System Module Example Tutorial. Also called as Node fs example tutorial. The Node.js file system module allows you to work with the file system

Node js File System Module Example Tutorial is today’s leading topic.  The Node.js  file system module allows you to work with a file system on your computer. We can include the File System module by using the require()  method. The fs  module provides the API  for interacting with a file system in a manner closely modeled around standard POSIX functions. All node.js file system operations have synchronous  and asynchronous  forms. The asynchronous form always takes the completion callback as its last argument. The arguments passed to a completion callback depend on a method, but the first argument is always reserved for the exception. If the operation was accomplished successfully, then the first argument will be null  or undefined .

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