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Juanita Apio


6 useful Xamarin Forms Snippets

While building Xamarin Forms applications there are several things which you find yourself repeating again and again. These might include creating value converters, markup extensions e.t.c. These repetitions could be made a lot easier using Xamarin Forms Snippets. And that is what we are covering today.

This article is part of my contribution to the Xamarin Month. The theme was code snippets for Xamarin Forms. You can find all of the snippets disused in this article here.

Xamarin Forms Snippets

As I mentioned earlier, Xamarin Forms development can be faster with snippets available that do a large portion of our work. It is really easy to get started building snippets, here are a few snippets I made which might help you be a faster developer.

Value Converters

Value converters really come in handy, especially when you use XAML to build your layout. And you might surely be sick and tired of repeating your code for each and every value converter. Here is a simple snippet to speed this up.

Snippet Code: valconv

It generates a basic value converter and you can change the name and modify its input and return type easily. For example, here is a simple value converter which tells if the value input is null or not.

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6 useful Xamarin Forms Snippets