Cheap VPS Hosting India, Best VPS Servers, 70% OFF VPS Plans

Cheap VPS Hosting India, Best VPS Servers, 70% OFF VPS Plans

Host Byte is the Best and cheap VPS hosting Server provider in India. Get the fastest and the Best Linux VPS Hosting Servers at an affordable price in India.

A Best Linux VPS Hosting offers Complete access which is similar to that of dedicated server with multiple server functionalities cpanel, Mail servers, managed website backups. Firewall installing and configuarations and much more. Choose the best VPS hosting tailor made for your need, powered by KVM hypervisor. We build the best cloud infrastructure with advanced hosting features like high performing servers, pure SSD storage in affordable price.

What Linux VPS Hosting Plans Includes:

  1. Cloud Virtual Servers.
  2. Flexible Upgrades.
  3. Full root access.
  4. KVM Virtualization.
  5. Instant VPS Provisioning.
  6. Choose Your own OS.
  7. Dedicated IP Address.

Linux KVM (Kernel Based Virtualization) : Kernel-Based Virtualization or KVM is a Linux full virtualization on x86 and x64 hardware. The system consists of a loadable kernel module named KVM. KVM helps run multiple virtual machines on unmodified Windows or Linux images. These virtual machines have its own virtualized hardware like graphics adapter, network card, etc. So you will enjoy the performance and reliability with Linux VPS Hosting.

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