How To Generate A PDF Report From HTML with Go

How To Generate A PDF Report From HTML with Go

HTML for PDF in Go for creating quality PDF reports with Table of Contents, Bookmarks and other important native PDF features. Learn how to generate a PDF report from HTML with Go. Designers and frontenders can usually do HTML and CSS, so it makes sense to utilize HTML.

As a developer, I sometimes need to create PDF reports for my applications.

Creating those entirely by programming can be cumbersome and every library is a bit different. Finally, getting things to look like the designer wanted can be challenging.

Wouldn't it be nice if we can make it look like the design without spending a ton of time on it?

Designers and frontenders can usually do HTML and CSS, so it makes sense to utilize HTML.

But websites usually don't look great when printed out and are not designed for multiple pages.

We have come up with a solution, which we believe addresses all of the above.

Meet UniHTML combined with UniPDF

UniHTML is a new plugin for  UniPDF, one of our flagship libraries at  UniDoc.

It is a container-based solution with a Go driver, as per the schematic:

The Docker image is  publicly available on Docker Hub.

The UniPDF creator package enables  creating flexible PDF reports and  invoices. The UniHTML container-based module has a flexible web-rendering engine and in unison with UniPDF this brings together the capability to add full HTML support to UniPDF report generation.

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