Steps to Create Windows 11 Bootable USB Including Download Links

Steps to Create Windows 11 Bootable USB Including Download Links

Step by step process to create windows 11 bootable USB installer from ISO file including images and all the download links.

If you are working with windows operating system then you must have heard about the bootable USB drive. If you do not know what a bootable USB is then you should read the following lines to know more about it. In this article I am describing how to make a bootable USB drive and then insert it into your windows server computer so that you can use the data easily.

For this purpose, since you already know that installing windows in a USB drive is almost impossible, then you need to develop a bootable windows 11 bootable USB drive to put it into your computer so that you can install it easily. So, you need to create a windows 11 bootable USB drive by the boot menu but you do not know the procedure for the data storage device that you got? Then I suggest you to download one of these data storage devices from the internet and then insert it into your windows server. Just follow the instructions given on the download or the website. Now open the device, which has installed in your windows server by using standard tools like file manager. You need to see all the files contained in the device like a folder, document and so on.

After browsing through the files and folders, select the file that you want to save in the boot menu by using the right mouse button. Make sure that you select the iso file which is identified by the name which matches with the name of your windows system. Save the iso file to the location that is relative to your windows system drive. Now, close all the applications which are running one by one. Finally, open your usb drive by plugging the device and then follow the procedures mentioned above.

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