A Guide to Python Environment, Dependency and Package Management: Conda + Poetry

A Guide to Python Environment, Dependency and Package Management: Conda + Poetry

How to add packages to your environment files automatically without ever worrying about the dependencies

If you work on multiple Python projects at different development stages, you probably have different environments on your system. There are various tools for creating an isolated environment and install the libraries you need for your project. This post discusses different available technologies for Python packaging, environment, and dependencies management systems. Then, we will go over an ideal setup (of course, in my opinion 🙂) suitable for most Python projects using conda and Poetry.

In this post, the words library and package are used interchangeably, and they both refer to the Python package.

Let’s first list different groups of technologies and highlight a few tools

  1. An environment management system: Virtualenv, conda environment, Pipenv
  2. Package dependency resolver: conda, Pipenv, Poetry
  3. Package repository: PyPI, Anaconda, etc.

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