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Swift: Alternative to struct

Imagine that you are creating an app which should, among other things, track analytics events. For this you have chosen one of the event tracking systems (e.g. Firebase).

The first idea would be to create a struct that will model AnalyticsEvent .

struct AnalyticsEvent {
   let userId: String
   let hasAdditionalData: Bool
   let additionalData: [String: String]
   let hasFeedback: Bool
   let feedbackContent: String
   // rest of the properties

Although this is a hypothetical situation, it highlights a problem. Because struct can contain multiple values, bugs may arise if multiple events are contained in one command (e.g. hasFeedback and hasAdditionalData). This reveals a problem of not having mutually exclusive properties, as event can be in two different states at the same time.

Using an enum to group the properties into cases makes data much cleaner. Swift offers a construct where you can have values associated with types in order to build more complex data structures.

enum AnalyticsEvent {
   case sendFeedback(userId: String, content: String)
   case sendAdditionalData(userId: String, data: [String: String]
   case connectAppleHealth(userId: String)
   // rest of the cases

By adding tuples to each of the cases it makes it more clear which properties belong together. Now a proper event can be constructed without worrying about mixing and matching wrong values.

let feedbackEvent = 
    AnalyticsEvent.sendFeedback(userId: "id", content: "content")

With this type of construct a switch case can be used for unwrapping inner values:

func logEvent(event: AnalyticsEvent) {
   switch event {
      case .sendFeedback(_: String, content: String): 
      // rest of the cases
if case let AnalyticsEvent.sendFeedback(_, content) = event {

By using switch you need to exhaust all of the cases for AnalyticsEvent. If you are interested in specific case you can utilize if case let construct. Also a match on specific property can be done with a wild card operator, with which you are telling that you don’t care about the value of the specific property.

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Swift: Alternative to struct
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10 Free Online Resources To Learn Swift Language

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Below here, we list down the 10 best online resources to learn Swift language.

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