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Containers on AWS | AWS Elastic Container Service | AWS EKS | AWS Training

This “Containers on AWS” video by Edureka will give you an idea about what exactly are containers & explain the different container services on the AWS platform. Next it will explain some of the advantages of running containers on AWS and a few use cases.
Finally, in the demo part it will also show you, how you can run containers on AWS using AWS ECS and Fargate. Following is the outline of this Containers on AWS video:

  • 00:00:00 Introduction
  • 00:01:18 What are Containers?
  • 00:02:35 Containers on AWS
  • 00:08:12 Advantages for running containers on AWS
  • 00:09:44 Use cases for containers on AWS
  • 00:11:00 Demo: Deploying a container on AWS


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Containers on AWS | AWS Elastic Container Service | AWS EKS | AWS Training
Christa  Stehr

Christa Stehr


50+ Useful Kubernetes Tools for 2020 - Part 2


Last year, we provided a list of Kubernetes tools that proved so popular we have decided to curate another list of some useful additions for working with the platform—among which are many tools that we personally use here at Caylent. Check out the original tools list here in case you missed it.

According to a recent survey done by Stackrox, the dominance Kubernetes enjoys in the market continues to be reinforced, with 86% of respondents using it for container orchestration.

(State of Kubernetes and Container Security, 2020)

And as you can see below, more and more companies are jumping into containerization for their apps. If you’re among them, here are some tools to aid you going forward as Kubernetes continues its rapid growth.

(State of Kubernetes and Container Security, 2020)

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Best Amazon Web Services(AWS) Training Institute in Noida

Get certified by joining AWS online training in Noida to guarantee that you are always on top of your game. Master Skill set of AWS Solutions Architect & Earn AWS Certification. Tie-Up with Top 80+ MNCs. Get Job Assistance & Grab High Paying Jobs! Call Now -+91-9510860860

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Ananya Gupta

Ananya Gupta


How AWS Skills Can Boost Your Career in The IT Industry?

For those that wish to create a promising career within the IT industry, pursuing AWS training is often the simplest option where you’ll develop and validate your cloud skills and learn the simplest of cloud computing technology. Amazon’s cloud platform i.e. Amazon Web Services is one of the highly preferred cloud computing services that provide easy and innovative cloud computing solutions.

The fast facts about the AWS Certification Course reveal that the potential expected marketplace for AWS Solution Architects will grow by $ 307.7 million by the year 2025. Moreover, the demand for AWS certified professionals has grown by 76% within the last two years. consistent with online employment portals like, in developed countries just like the US, the entire vacant job profiles for AWS certified IT professionals is around 9728. Does one still need more facts that reflect the importance of AWS training program for a booming career within the IT sector?

Career Opportunities Offered by AWS

Learning the AWS certified training courses can open up engaging career prospects for you during a sort of cloud computing services. Amazon Web Services offers you a chance to find out from 70 diverse courses that affect memory, Networking, Analytics, Management, Database, Internet of Things, Developer tools, and Application services. Around 380000 cloud computing jobs are still vacant in search of qualified and trained AWS professionals.

Thus, AWS training can assist you to discover the brightest job prospects within the IT sector. The greater specialization in adopting technologically focused processes with the help of cloud-based services proves to be a big reason why pursuing AWS training is often the foremost optimum career decision for IT professionals.

AWS Training Can Fulfill Your Major Career Goals

The AWS certified courses and training can assist you to achieve the specified excellence and professionalism in your career. Being trained in AWS can allow you to experience multiple benefits within the sort of a pay hike and grab extra attention from the employer as they appear for professionals who possess the foremost advanced and updated knowledge within the field of cloud computing. The AWS training empowers you by imparting knowledge about the various fields of cloud computing through a comprehensive practice-based approach.

Additionally, to the present, it’s been observed that your chances of employment rise manifold once you complete the training and authorized courses from recognized AWS Training Program in Noida. Thus, you’ll apply for a spread of job profiles that cloud computing offers. Further, the marvelous outcomes are possible only you spend significant money and time for earning the AWS certification which may end up being a life-changing opportunity for you.Learn here more Aws Certification Types: Choose The Right For You

A final upshot

Pursuing AWS certification courses and training provides the simplest career opportunities for those that want to form a successful career within the IT sector. You’ll move ahead for splendid and memorable career growth within the AWS cloud-based services. Further, this will be fruitful for the enterprises and business owners also, because it can help within the effective storage of knowledge through cloud-based services which may help within the efficient running of the complex business process.

Moreover, cloud computing solutions are the necessity of the hour as they’re loaded with features that provide reduced cost and enhanced efficiency as compared to the normal in-house services. Therefore, IT professionals trained in AWS are highly demanded as they will take the organization to a replacement height through better data management.

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Rory  West

Rory West


Containers on AWS: Which Service Is Right for Your Workload

Due to their lightweight, portable nature, using containers allows optimal cloud-native application builds. Now, running ten containers is relatively straightforward, but when you consider running containers at scale, i.e., hundreds and thousands of containers comprising hundreds of services, this can get out of hand quickly.

At this point, enterprises reach for a service or tool that can handle this challenge, which is where container orchestration tools come into the picture. Since 2014, AWS has launched more than 50 new features and multiple services to help engineers run containers in the cloud. At first, these tools aimed at optimizing how to run containers. The evolution of that tech has moved towards granular management and orchestration of container workloads.

Today, AWS is one of the best places to run any containerized application because it removes the heavy lifting of underlying infrastructure management and container orchestration. The reason for this popularity is the comprehensive suite of services available to users, check out a top three platform comparison for these services here: Cloud Services Comparison: AWS vs. Google vs. Azure.

The Cloud-Native Computing Foundation completed a study, and determined that 63% of companies are running their container workloads on AWS. These organizations range from optimizing container services for super small-scale dev and test environments right up to enterprise-scale mission-critical applications demonstrating how AWS still remains the most popular platform for such business critical applications. In this article, we’ll discuss the most popular AWS container services to see which best suits your requirements.

So, let’s get started.

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Rory  West

Rory West


Configure AWS ElasticSearch Service with EKS Cluster

AWS provides Elasticsearch service along with Kibana which makes developer’s work easy and simple. This article will guide on how to provision an AWS ElasticSearch Service and connect with an EKS cluster for log monitoring.

Article content

  1. Provision the ES Cluster
  2. Configure Fluent-Bit in EKS
  3. Deploy Fluent-bit
  4. Access Kibana Dashboard

Introduction to Elasticsearch Service

Elasticsearch can be installed on-premise, on Amazon EC2 or AWS Elasticsearch service. When you install Elasticsearch on-premise or on Amazon EC2, you have to be responsible for installing, provision infrastructure and managing the cluster. But with AWS Elasticsearch amazon takes care of everything. It is a fully managed service.

Along with Elasticsearch, AWS provides Kibana. It is deployed automatically with your Elasticsearch Domain as a fully managed service, automatically taking care of all the heavy lifting to manage the cluster.

AWS provides two types of endpoints in ES setups. 1 — Internet endpoint; 2 — VPC endpoint. You can also have a custom endpoint if you want to configure with a domain you have. We’ll discuss more features and configurations while provisioning an ES Domain.

In this article, we’ll provision an internet endpoint ES Domain.

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