React Routers, Explained

React Routers, Explained

How to build dynamic, multi-page React apps

Traditionally, React has been used to build single-page web apps. However, if you insisted on building a React app with multiple pages or routes, the following process had to be done:

  • Tell React to render the page according to the route that the user has navigated to.
  • To make this possible, React had to go out and fetch the page from a server.

Implementing these steps in code used to be a bit tedious. This is where React Router starts to shine.

Introduction to React Router

What is React Router?

According to this Medium article, the React Router library allows the user to implement dynamic routing in their app. Furthermore, it utilizes a component-based approach by rendering React components depending on the route. In other words, it tells React to render specific components on specific routes of the URL. For instance, render the About React component when the user is on the /about directory.

When to use React Router

Let me demonstrate this with an example.

Let’s create a component called Home.js . This will be the component that will be displayed when the user navigates to the root( / ) directory.

The Home component in our example

The Home component in our example

Next, let’s write another component called About.js. This will be rendered when the user goes to the /about directory of the URL.

The About component in our example

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