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Sasha Lee


5 Best Data Curation Tools for Computer Vision in 2021

The term ‘curation’ is commonly associated with museums or libraries, not data science. However, much like the work that’s done on rare paintings or books, data curation tools make the most important data easily accessible to engineers as they build complex machine learning models.

  • Without curation, data is difficult to find, analyze, and interpret. Data curation tools provide meaningful insights and enduring access to all your data in one place. In this article, we’ll dive into the importance of data curation for computer vision specifically, as well as review the top data curation tools on the market today.

What are the best data curation tools for computer vision?

With an overwhelming amount of AI products and platforms popping up year after year, how do you know which will provide the most value? Read on below to find out which data curation tool is the best fit for your computer vision project.

  • 1. Aquarium Learning
  • 2. FiftyOne
  • 3. Scale Nucleus
  • 4. Clarifai
  • 5. SiaSearch

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5 Best Data Curation Tools for Computer Vision in 2021