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Create a Virtual Host in XAMPP For PHP in Windows

The virtual host provides a domain URL in the local system. It allows you to run your application on a domain virtually. You can configure Apache virtual host easily for your application. If you create the Apache virtual host for your PHP application then it will be super easy for you. You can run any PHP framework application through that virtual host. Once, you created the virtual host, it won’t require running your application again and again. This is the most beneficial thing to have the virtual host. Only, you will need to start the Apache server and your application will up automatically by typing the host URL in the browser. In this post, I will show you to create the Apache virtual host through XAMPP in Windows. I won’t take much time on describing this kind of stuff. Hence, Let’s come to the practical things.


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Create a Virtual Host in XAMPP For PHP in Windows

Create Virtual Host XAMPP Windows [Bahasa Indonesia]

Create Virtual Host XAMPP Windows [Bahasa Indonesia]

Mengaktifkan virtual host

  1. masuk ke direktori xampp/apache/conf
  2. buka file httpd.conf
  3. aktifkan code berikut
    Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

Membuat local domain

  1. masuk ke direktori C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  2. buka file hosts
  3. tambahkan ip address dan servername/hostname

contoh local.mycontacts.edu

Configurasi virtual host

  1. masuk ke direktori xampp/apache/conf/extra
  2. buka file httpd-vhosts.conf
  3. tambakan code berikut

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot “dir”
ServerName hostname
ServerAlias hostname


DocumentRoot “C:\xampp\htdocs\my-contacts\public”
ServerName local.mycontacts.edu

contoh lain
Contoh 1:
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot “dir”
ServerName hostname
ServerAlias hostname

Contoh 2:

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot “dir”
ServerName hostname
ServerAlias hostname
DirectoryIndex index.php
<Directory “dir”>
Options All
AllowOverride All
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all

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How to Install Laravel 8 on Windows 10 Xampp

How to install laravel 8 on windows 10. In this tutorial, i would love to share with you how to install laravel 8 on windows 10.

How to Install Laravel 8 on Windows 10 Xampp

Installing laravel 8 on windows 10 xampp server step by step:

  1. Step 1 – Prerequisiteto Install Composer On Windows
  2. Step 2 – Server Requirements For Laravel 8
  3. Step 3 – Installing Laravel On Windows 10 Xampp
  4. Step 4 – Start Development Server For Laravel 8


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Christa  Stehr

Christa Stehr


How to use highchart in php with example

Highchart provides feature to draw different type of charts in our web application. Here, in this example i will let you know that how to use highchart in php application.

In this example, we will create chart using php and mysql. Actually highchart provides javascript library to create charts. We will only need to implement that library in our application.

We will need some data to generate chart, so here we will use mysql database and database query to fetch data from database.

So basucally here we will leran to implement simple dynamic column chart using highcharts library in php and ofcourse will use mysql database.

For for that, first thing we will need to create a database and tables where we will put some data. So for full example let’s follow the steps as given below.

Step 1: Create Database

Here for example, i will create a database named shopping and under this database we will need to create some tables, here i will create only two table one is to stroe customers information and another to store orders.

So run the following query in your query window.

Create customers table



  `name` varchar(30) NOT NULL,

  `email` varchar(30) NOT NULL,

  `phone` varchar(15) NOT NULL,

  `created_at` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,

  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)


Now you will to put some data into these two tables. You can put any data accoring to the column and your need. After putting data we can be able to show the chart according the the data.

Step 2: Create database configuration

Now we will need to create configuration file. So let’s create a new db configuration file **db_config.php **and put the following code into this file.


  $dbHost = "localhost";
  $dbDatabase = "shopping";
  $dbUser = "root";
        $dbPassword = ""; 

  $mysqli = mysqli_connect($dbHost, $dbUser, $dbPasswrod, $dbDatabase);

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