Is It Hard to Build A Blockchain From Scratch?

Is It Hard to Build A Blockchain From Scratch?

Episode 2

Episode 2

In Javascript

This article is the continuation of the previous one, make sure you read the first episode that can be found  here.

In episode 1, we talked about blockchain concepts and built a baby prototype, in this episode We are going to implement the same concepts using a different programming language called javascript. I know it may be tough to code in Go, hope you are happy now😉.

So to refer to the figure We drew in episode 1, let’s just copy and paste it here, thanks,  Larry Tesler.

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by Sinai Nday

The same mechanism will be applied using javascript, yay! one of the top used programming languages.

To make it possible We will need a server that can run our javascript code, We can use a web browser, but let’s do things professionally.

javascript blockchain nodejs

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