Why Is An e-Commerce Or Food Delivery Company Adding Inbuilt Games On Their Application

Why Is An e-Commerce Or Food Delivery Company Adding Inbuilt Games On Their Application

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Online food delivery has been in trend for a while. The cost-efficient pricing and convenience of getting hot steamy food, as fresh as in a restaurant, contributes to its high demand.

Recently, the integration of advanced features is bringing revolutionary changes to the process of online food ordering app development.

Games are the advanced features that we are talking about. Fusing games to engage customers is the new trend that the online food market stakeholders have been following.

Read this article to know about the merits of integrating new patterns like gaming services in the food ordering applications. Also, the article mentions the process of food ordering app development to provide better clarity of the topic.

E-Commerce And Food Delivery Brands Featuring In-Built Games

In a recent effort to increase the user traffic on their respective platforms, e-commerce, food ordering and payment applications are updating their applications and enriching the content by the integration of games. This is image title

The concept intends to grab the attention of new users, especially smartphone users in small towns that seek the gadget mainly for entertainment purposes.

The motive behind featuring games is to increase the time that a customer spends on their applications. Also, the market players offer exciting discounts and offer as prizes that further enhance user engagement.

Games are the most versatile form of source of entertainment. It has evolved to the extent that various genres now exist that cater to the taste and expectations of a wide range of population, ranging from younger to elder. Integrating food delivery platforms with games promises to give an edger over the competitors without boasting any such feature.

Zomato can be one of the ideal examples of it. The leading online food delivery platform has recently integrated games like Premier League and Cricket Cup. The move is likely to benefit the company by increasing the user engagement and food ordering experience, especially to those who are ordering for the first time.

Flipkart is another successful venture that is being benefited by enriching the platform by the integration of videos and games. More than 2.3 million users were recorded accessing the new feature, i.e. in-built games. Read More: How To Get Funding to Grow Food Ordering Business

Amazon has also featured quizzes and spinning wheel games for enriching the user experience. The rewarding nature of the games encourages the customer's curiosity towards the platform.

Integration of games is proving to be an effective medium to outreach a wider audience. The concept is to enhance the marketing and promotions by adding a touch of entertainment to it.

If you also owe a brick-and-mortar grocery, restaurant or an e-commerce store, updating it with advanced technology and new concepts can be effective in flourishing your business drastically.

Scope Of E-Commerce And Food Delivery Business

The impact of COVID-19 has been terrific in various industries. The pandemic has put a halt on most of them and left the remaining with minimal operation.

Following the motto of social distancing, businesses are seen adapting to digital alternatives to revive their operations. Platforms like OTT video streaming, online grocery stores, online healthcare and medical facilities and many more are flourishing at a rapid pace.

The reason behind the flourishing of online services is the fact that they abide by the protocols of social distancing, hence minimizing the risk of contamination.

Cost Of Food Ordering App Development

Developing an online food ordering application is not an easy task. Instead, it demands years of expertise for creating a feature-rich application that meets the customer's expectation.

Before investing any amount in software development, it is suggested to get every single detail of the project documented and get a price estimate of the cost of development.

There are many factors that altogether contribute to the cost of project development. The number of platforms it targets, features, time is taken to complete the project are few of them. The higher the number of platforms the app targets, the costlier gets the project. Moreover, the higher the number of features it boats, the higher goes the price of development.

Considering all the points as mentioned above, a basic food delivery application can be developed at a price of $20000. However, the cost of development of an advanced app can go as high as $50000. The figures that are mentioned are just a rough estimate, and the actual cost can vary dramatically, considering the need of your business.

If you are looking to deploy a cost-efficient application, the involvement of food delivery clone script can be considered. These are the pre-coded scripts that share a similarity from a well-to-do platform. However, the versatility that it offers makes it worthy of investing.

Zomato clone scripts, Swiggy clone scripts and UberEats clone scripts are some of the most popular source scripts that used to power new projects. Clone scripts can be personalized in terms of branding and logo, plus the features, making it a lucrative tool to invest in.

*Final words * Online food delivery after experiencing a slow down during the initial phases of lockdown, has now started flourishing in the post-lockdown period.

The total revenue generation that is predicted by the experts for the year 2020 from the online food delivery business is roughly US $136,431 million. Reach out to an expert app development company if you are considering to take on the opportunity and provide customers with a promising online food ordering platform.

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