Improving ui-select Control

Improving ui-select Control

The idea of this post is to show you an aproach to how add a paging feature to ui-select directive. it's not the only way to implement.

The ui-select directive to a select and multi-select control with a search feature, I have to say is a control very useful. You can use it with a static list or dynamically getting data from a server.

In this post, I want to show you how to configure and to use ui-select directive to add a paging behavior (NOTA: by default the ui-select directive have no paging functionality).

The first step is to add the ui-select dependency into your module definition, following the official documentation the ngSanitize is required too.



var app = angular.module('Paging-Functionalty-Demo', ['ngSanitize', '']);

This is the controller definition (I put it here to help you to understand the complete structure)



app.controller('DemoCtrl', function ($scope) {


  var ctr = this;


  ctr.itemSelected = undefined;


  ctr.list = [ 


    {text: 'First Item',valid:true},


    {text: 'Second Item',valid:true},


    {text: 'Third Item',valid:true},


    {text: 'Fourth Item',valid:true},


    {text: 'Last Item',valid:true}





NOTE: the valid property will be used to identify when the item is a real option or the item for the paging option.

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