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As far as insurance services include many tasks to carry out and there are 40 employees in the company it would be a good decision to computerize the company’s activities by introducing a well designed database and automating some tasks performed in a manual mode. Computerization of the company will provide lots of advantages for the company, its overall productivity and will make the performance of basic procedures and tasks much easier and quicker. Consequently, the employees’ burden will decrease and they could be able to increase the quality, speed and performance QuickEssay of their day-to-day duties. This paper is devoted to the research of the main advantages, issues and analysis of computerization of the insurance services company considering that its employee perform the following tasks: renewal of policies, collecting payments, motor insurance quotes, mortgages and investment plans.

Scope of electronic tables (spreadsheets)

Spreadsheets can make all the paperwork much easier, quicker, more comfortable and reliable. Even a little database or simple electronic table is suitable for efficiently keep the models of the main documents which are in the documents circulation of the insurance company. Taking into consideration that insurance business implies many kinds of insurance (such as insurance against accidents, life insurance, fire insurance, endowment insurance and so on) it is obvious that there is the same amount of model documents in the turnover and each client signs the documents in order to be insurant. Of course the performance of the employee, searching the necessary model document in a pile of them, and the performance of the computer, searching the same document in a database, can differ in thousands times.

Of course, insurance company can have thousands clients and keeps their personal data. This data may change and it will be inconvenient to compose and sign in new contracts with every client who want to change the name or address. In addition, all the employees can share the documents with each other opportunely. It will be a good practice to store the insurance payments history of the clients and consider it in the calculation of the risk coefficients, monthly payments etc. The collection of payments will become more efficient also because computer can calculate all the payments automatically for each insurance type and for each client.

So the probability of mistake will also decrease. In general computer can calculate everything – for instance when a potential client comes to the office and want to become insured or get a mortgage but not sure yet because he or she doesn’t know a lot about that and is interested how much it will cost (monthly and yearly payments, interest rates or insurance premium amount), the computer can calculate all the indicators and present it in a readable and understandable way – so the client will not be confused. It is difficult to imagine that a human can quickly and correctly calculate the interest rates or monthly payments for a mortgage for 40 years. So first scope of the database is keeping all kinds of documents and providing the ability of instant access to any of them, and making all necessary calculations.

Insurance implies different risk coefficients for different clients depending on different factors which vary for every individual (for example – driving record, age or case history). These coefficients depend on the insurance statistics and are subjects to change on a year basis. So it will be a good practice to keep the statistics in a spreadsheet which can calculate the coefficients in an automatic mode. Moreover, there are plenty computer programs that master the main statistical methods and tools, and thus the statistic department’s burden will decrease significantly. This in turn allows performing more tasks by the same amount of employees or shortening this amount to minimum.

Of course there are lots of other advantages of introducing a database in the insurance company but they are special cases and their consideration can take dozens pages.

Guidelines considering legal and social effects of insurance service computerization Of course business computerization leads to certain social and legal effects which are closely interconnected depending on the type of the business. The most important effects are the following:

  1. Security of the database – as far as the database can contain personal information of the clients, business information for internal use, financial indicators and much more important data, if this data is lost or stolen it would bode ill. From the legal aspect if clients’ personal data would be receive publicity they could condemn the company and this would lead to significant financial payments. From the social aspect such case will provoke distrust to the company, the clients and the potential clients choose another company.

  2. Computerization can make some employees useless because their work will be processed by machines. So these employees can be cut down or transferred to another department. In both case there will be significant expenditures. In addition, cut downs lead to social discontent. So in order to evade potential problems it is necessary to think about them in advance, make corresponding decisions and take preventive measures: provide a good security in the computer network, organize control over the network, develop considered network policies regulating the users’ privileges (do not allow all users to change records in the database, give certain users only needed privileges etc); of course all the employees need to take computer courses in order to achieve the desired effectiveness in practice.

In order to achieve the best effects the most loaded departments should be computerized in the first turn and the database must be well-designed and normalized – escaped from redundant data doubling and rationally structured.

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Insurance Services essay
Liya  Smith

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Liya Smith


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Key Essentials To Find The Right Life Insurance Agent

When you are thinking about getting a life insurance policy, it is essential to select a life insurance agent in Ontario who can help you in actual. Getting a life insurance policy can be perplexing or intricate. The key to purchasing the right amount and the right kind of policy at a good rate is a good broker or agent. You are supposed to select the one who:

Give details, in terms you can understand without any difficulty, issues, options and planned use of life insurance in your financial program

Is accredited by the state insurance department

Is equipped to assess with you from time to time – possibly every three years or so – whether the product continues to be appropriate for your situation and needs

Provides you with a modified written document that:

Explain the features of the life insurance and the way it fits into your circumstances

Records the facts of your current financial and personal circumstances

Understands your financial circumstances, including your attitudes regarding risk, your income and estate tax “brackets”, and your other financial assets and obligations, in addition to your person circumstances

If you do not have life insurance broker in Ottawa who fits this description, as your business associates and other people for references with an excellent reputation. A broker or an agent who has one or more professional financial services designations has demonstrated a commitment to specialized education in the field.

The Bottom Line

The most excellent approach to protect yourself and your family members is to make sure that you understand what you are purchasing and the nature of the fees, fines, or limitations of the product if you would like to drop the policy.

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