Programming For Beginners: What To Know Before You Start Programming

Programming For Beginners: What To Know Before You Start Programming

Get the basics right. When you start learning, the first thing you need to be sure of are the“basics”. Build patience. The number one prerequisite for being successful as a programmer is building patience. Set a goal & move towards it. Do more projects. Get into social coding. Balance your learning.

Wish I knew them before starting to learn to program.

Took a year for me to understand the stereotypes and realities. Now, I’ll tell you about what to know before starting to learn to program.

Because vast amounts of data can’t be handled by hand, learning certain programming languages and applications on math-related topics became crucial. Even if you don’t do the heavy lifting, you need some sort of knowledge if you want to make your postgraduate studies in most fields known to other people.

2-You have a good chance of not becoming an executive

You can only become a CTO or a CIO if you become lucky. Other than that, you’ll probably end up being a senior developer or a project manager who has to answer to top positions. And the value of your work might likely to become of a six-figure salary instead of a good reputation and lots of compensations.

3-You have to learn the algorithm

It’s not just being useful to become a programmer, it’ll be quite needed to understand modern technologies. And maybe needed in decision-making processes. Because the whole concept of programming lies in algorithms, learning what it means before creating major programs are vital to creating well-functioning programs.

4-You can do it as a hobby

Like in other fields, it doesn’t have to be a full-on career. Instead, you can create programs to create your own business or just doing it as a hobby to spend time all together with your mates. If done, it’s a great leisure activity where there are lots of fun moments and a good sense of camaraderie involved. So, it’s a great leisure activity to do with your engineer friends.

5-You can create your own business

If you’re being fully aware of opportunities and having a good pair of friends who can do so. And it becomes easy to launch a new product. But, it’s not to keep your product in quite a good position because the competition is too high and you constantly have to work on the marketing and software development sides with your team. Or, you can become a social media influencer where you tell your experiences on YouTube and Medium. As soon as I found out how this area is lucrative, I decided to make this dream happen and became a small one in the whole field.

What are the things to know before starting to learn to program? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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