Top 11 Node.js IDEs For App Development - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Top 11 Node.js IDEs For App Development - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Know the amazing top 11 node.js IDEs for app development. List of 11 best IDEs for modern apps development. Features of Node.js IDEs.

Node.js is ideal for developing server-side networking applications and has become potent to develop real-time applications due to its event-driven architecture and holds a non-blocking I/O model. To build a successful web app, it is important to have complete control over the code that developers write. So developers should use efficient code debugging and editing tools that will help them to write optimized code with speed and accuracy. Here comes the IDEs in focus. There are lots of IDEs available in the market, some of them are built for specific programming languages, while others support more than one language. Basically IDE is a software application that offers facilities to developers for software app development. IDE is a code editor, compiler, debugger, build automation tool and many more in a single software suite. Here we’ll discuss top 11 Node.js IDEs and their features to help you choose the best one.

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Top 11 Node.js IDEs For App Development-

1. Eclipse- Eclipse is a cloud based javascript IDE that is more popular than any other libraries. It is the best IDE for big projects when multiple organizations and team work on the code and monitor it. It has useful features like code refactoring, error checking, source code generation and code automatic build. Eclipse is widely used as Node.js IDE to build Node.js apps through a simple Node.js integration. Some of the top features of Eclipse IDE are-

  • Maven Integration
  • Git Integration
  • Eclipse Java development tools
  • Code recommenders tools

There are RESTful API server, runtimes and IDEs integrated into the workspace provides by Eclipse. It has SDK for plugin and assembly development. The above mentioned features make it perfect for NodeJS developers. For seamless node.js app development, eclipse comes with ready-to-go stack and pre-installed debugger module.

2. Sublime Text- It is the most advanced IDE and code editor for Node javascript. It has lots of features like instant project switching, customizing, split editing and so on. This tools is available for Linux, Mac and Windows and provides the ability open files with just a few clicks. Also, Sublime text offers lots of selection options to manage files faster, give high performance with an option to customize with JSON files. One of the best thing about Sublime Text is, it is built using custom components that provide responsiveness. Some of the great features of Sublime Text are-

  • Cross-Platform
  • Split editing
  • Instant Project switch
  • Powerful package ecosystem and API

3. Web Storm- Know more at-[]( "")

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