How to improve DevOps communication clarity

How to improve DevOps communication clarity

Communication is at the heart of DevOps, but it can be difficult to achieve. Mike Cuppett explains how to improve DevOps communication clarity. How to improve DevOps communication clarity.

Communication is at the heart of DevOps, but it can be difficult to achieve. Mike Cuppett explains how to improve DevOps communication clarity.

DevOps challenges and transforms existing cultural norms – the entrenched social, behavioral, and communication links between people. When technology and software delivery organizations respond to snowballing business demand, the drive for swifter software delivery, and amplified operational resiliency, communications must transform if revenue-driving business process outcomes are to be realized. The pace of business quickens relentlessly, leaving unadaptable companies licking their wounds or dying off. Communications is one of the chief “make it or break it” aspects of DevOps. So, why do many organizations struggle to communicate acceptably? Let’s consider the communication link.

Communication means many different things; though, all having to do with information sharing. For DevOps, changing the organizational culture of a company is a primary talking point. Connecting people to the value-add of DevOps and then to the expected business outcomes, helps team members understand how “shifting left” (becoming engaged earlier in the process) facilitates collaboration driving faster product delivery. Once those connections are solidified, then proving to executive leadership that the investments in the adjoining agile technologies and toolsets (CI/CD pipeline, code repositories, collaboration tools, etc.) are returning value only takes the time needed to deliver a few good wins for the company. When those wins start showing up on financial statements, client and customer comments, and employee productivity, DevOps is structurally making a positive impact. Critical to this success is clear, consistent, and continuous communications. Poor, acceptable, and good communication samples are everywhere. What does good look like?

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