The Big Digital Transformation during Pandemic— How Effective Is It?

The Big Digital Transformation  during Pandemic— How Effective Is It?

The Big Digital Transformation during Pandemic— How Effective Is It? And Seven Lessons on Common Mistakes. Social Distancing imposed an urgency on Digital Transformation (DX).

Social Distancing imposed an urgency on Digital Transformation (DX). What was for the recent years appearing to be a “not for us, yet” and more of a business kind of literature than an actionable plan in the foreseeable future, became a “right now, at all costs”, especially for SMEs. As all the companies and vendors serving in this industry, we were the busiest during the lockdown.

You might have even seen the infamous poll on Social Media:

Survey circulating on Social Media during the lockdown.

Microsoft’s CEO, [Satya Nadella_](, even mentioned in his quarterly earnings report that “We saw two years worth of Digital Transformation in 2 months”._

Even though it was plausible to see such a tremendous amount of work achieved in such a short period, observing it from a customer perspective and “creator” perspective, made me think the other side. I analyzed the progress, effort, budgets, mistakes, and still-myths of DX and this time we’ll focus more on the latter two.

0. Buzzwords and terminology

To have a conversation, we all need to speak a common language; so we understand which boat we are joining. I’ve been commercially involved in the industry for more than ten years and started programming more than 17 years ago, and I have to admit the last decade ended with a completely new and wealthy jargon from what it started. Before that, a specific term would apply to an individual department, and it was internal jargon — now they are intertwined and need to be understood by every department no matter the native terminology they have. The first and foremost issue I see is that not everyone understands the terms thoroughly or how they affect their work. The shift happened while everyone had to be at the edge of their work, and sometimes it’s intimidating, but this is a helpful place to start familiarizing.

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