Understanding the code sent from your server

Understanding the code sent from your server

This writing tried to help you to determine or narrow down the problem you are facing while talking to your server.

All HTTP response status codes are separated into five classes or categories. The first digit of the status code defines the class of response, while the last two digits do not have any classifying or categorization role.

This writing tried to help you to determine or narrow down the problem you are facing while talking to your server.

1xx: Hold on

With only 3 codes (100, 101, 102), the 100 series is the shortest one. Basically, what it does is return an information message such as “I am working on it”. No success or error, just a “Roger that!”

2xx: Here you go. I am Fine. Its a Success

A code 200 is the one you want to see the most of in your logs: it means the request was successful. Either it has returned something, or it has returned nothing but successfully completed the processing on the server. It’s the server saying: “Here you go”. There are 7 variants, from 200 to 206.

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