Automate Crypto and Bitcoin Trading with Zero Code

Automate Crypto and Bitcoin Trading with Zero Code

The prupose of this article is to provide a method to automate cryptocurrency trading through either Web, or iOS/Android app eToro.


The prupose of this article is to provide a method to automate cryptocurrency trading through either Web, or iOS/Android app eToro. eToro, taken straight from the website’s about me page:

“empowers millions of users in over 140 countries by providing easy access to innovative investment tools, with the added value of an engaging, collaborative trading community”.

Ok, But really What is it?

In simple terms, eToro is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to “copy traders” which automatically trades the same percentage of your funds into the coin your “copy trader” just bought/sold. So if the trader you’re copying just put 10% of their funds into #btc, so did you. There is a pretty sizeable community as well — with trader stats pages which include a full background (charts and everything) on how each of these traders has performed over the past year or so. Thus giving you the information to make an informed decision on who to copy.

Who Do I Follow?

This post is not designed to persuade you into copying the same trader that I copy, but if you’d like to know who I chose, I copy trader: QE4Everyone, Mati Greenspan. *Mati is a trader, investor, analyst, adviser, professor, company founder and licensed portfolio manager. Mati posts **Opinionated *topics on his [twitter**]( to his 30k+ followers. As shown below, he’s done pretty well for me this year. I just started following Mati a couple months ago.

Copy Trader (Mati) Dashboard on eToro

Steps to use eToro:

  1. Register and create an account with this link and you’ll receive $50 bucks!
  2. Connect your bank — no need to trasnfer from wallet to wallet — transfer to and from your bank directly within the app.
  3. Transfer in the amount in which you’re comfortable trading — I believe you need at least $1000 to copy a trader.
  4. That’s really it. You’re free to check your dashboard at whatever schedule, reply to comments your trader posts, continue looking at other coins and make suggestions to your group, but it’s pretty hands off at this point.

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