Are coding Bootcamps worth it in 2020?

Are coding Bootcamps worth it in 2020?

And the year is pretty much halfway through, but bear with me. Programming is a field full of opportunities and I have first-hand experience with Bootcamps during this year.

These are strange times, indeed. And the year is pretty much halfway through, but bear with me. Programming is a field full of opportunities and I have first-hand experience with Bootcamps during this year.

My background in short

I will keep it short- my background. I graduated in electrical engineering master’s in 2015 and went to work for different projects for a while. I didn’t feel satisfied and felt that I still have plenty of energy and ambition in my tank. And there came an opportunity to apply for coding Bootcamp. Note that I’m 27 at the moment of writing this (for all the people who fear of starting later than many). I jumped into coding head first and I haven’t looked back since. Make no mistake, the previous studies didn’t include almost any coding at all. It all was new to me.

Bootcamp in these times?

I applied to a Bootcamp right before the world was struck by a global quarantine. For a moment I thought that this idea might fall apart. We managed to have just a few in-person lectures. What did it mean to my studies? Everything was quickly customized so the studies would fully work in an online format.

As a self-learner, in no time, I realized it’s even beneficial. I could save energy, time and even money so I could work more on my coding skills. This might not be true to everyone, but it certainly works for many of coders out there.

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