Sofia Kelly

Sofia Kelly


Developers of MITO Python Library | Data Science Podcast

Ever wanted to leverage your spreadsheet skills in Python? Now you can with Mito, the Python library that enables the use of a Spreadsheet directly in Jupyter. In this video, I sit down for a talk with the founders and developers of Mito (Jacob Diamond-Reivich, Aaron Diamond-Reivich and Nate Rush) where we discuss several interesting topics including among others what is Mito, use cases of Mito, the future of spreadsheets and more.

⭕ Timeline
0:00 Introduction
1:33 What is Mito? How did you come up with the idea for Mito?
3:28 How to get access to Mito?
4:45 How many are using Mito?
5:27 Mito is currently in closed Alpha
5:54 Learning from users
7:10 Mito for learning Python
8:54 Use cases of Mito
9:42 How Mito differ from related tools (PandasGUI)
11:16 Use case for learning
11:49 Use case for reproducibility
15:19 Use case for auditability (peer review)
17:11 Custom function in Mito
19:38 Future directions of Mito
22:33 Integration with Streamlit?
23:38 Mito Startup Story
25:34 Future of spreadsheets
30:18 Support for DataFrames (Pandas, NVIDIA RAPIDS cuDF and Dask)
32:20 Integration with BlazingSQL?
34:49 How do you go from idea to implementation?
36:36 What features are users requesting for?
40:23 How did you come up with the name Mito?
41:32 Conclusion
41:58 Final remarks from the Mito team


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Developers of MITO Python Library | Data Science Podcast
akshay L

akshay L


Data Science With Python Training | Python Data Science Course | Intellipaat

In this Data Science With Python Training video, you will learn everything about data science and python from basic to advance level. This python data science course video will help you learn various python concepts, AI, and lots of projects, hands-on demo, and lastly top trending data science and python interview questions. This is a must-watch video for everyone who wishes o learn data science and python to make a career in it.

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Uriah  Dietrich

Uriah Dietrich


How To Build A Data Science Career In 2021

For this week’s data science career interview, we got in touch with Dr Suman Sanyal, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at NIIT University. In this interview, Dr Sanyal shares his insights on how universities can contribute to this highly promising sector and what aspirants can do to build a successful data science career.

With industry-linkage, technology and research-driven seamless education, NIIT University has been recognised for addressing the growing demand for data science experts worldwide with its industry-ready courses. The university has recently introduced B.Tech in Data Science course, which aims to deploy data sets models to solve real-world problems. The programme provides industry-academic synergy for the students to establish careers in data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“Students with skills that are aligned to new-age technology will be of huge value. The industry today wants young, ambitious students who have the know-how on how to get things done,” Sanyal said.

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HI Python

HI Python


Must-Know Data Science Libraries in Python

Python is the most widespread and popular programming language in data science, software development, and related fields. The simplicity of codes in Python, which helps learners avoid any confusion, is the key to this popularity. Python has constantly been developing, and it keeps getting updated for more ease in using. With 137,000 plus libraries and tools, Python has always provided its users with the solutions to problems of any complexity level. This reason makes Python the ideal language for Data Science operations. This article focuses on some of the essential and must-learn libraries in Python used heavily by Data Scientists. I have tried to cover different libraries used in various stages of a data science cycle, such as Data Mining, processing and modeling, Data Visualization.

Learn Data Science in Python from here!

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Hire Python Developers

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Best Python Development Company in USA | Python Development Services

A versatile programming language that is known for its ease of use, simplicity, and quality in development is Python. It can also be used by developers to automate repetitive tasks which reduce the development time of the project.

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