Is Security In DevOps a Necessary Evil?

Is Security In DevOps a Necessary Evil?

Is Security In DevOps a Necessary Evil? DevSecOps is more than Security + DevOps; it is a culture that you must build to make security an integral part of your DevOps processes without hindrance

As more organizations move to establish DevOps techniques into their Software Development Life Cycle, the need of security becomes even more evident when so much application development is going on. But…

Security and DevOps Aren't Natural Companions

The idea of security in DevOps or DevSecOps doesn’t go very well with the classic DevOps process that insists on continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. When at production you're constantly releasing smaller bits of your code and application using the DevOps pipeline, introducing security to DevOps can slow down the process significantly. You can't just pass that through a security team that takes several weeks bringing the new release out to production. 

It is against the very idea of continuous integration and delivery and lengthens the DevOps pipeline. Before DevOps took off, we had six months or three months of release cycles. The security team would come in at the end of the release cycle to review the application, run their scanners, and approve and certify that release.


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